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172 Service Intervals

I dont belive this! How come most Car Dealers havent got a clue when it comes to the service intervals ! does anyone know when the first service is due ? mines done 9,000 miles now and its 5 months old now. ive been told by dealer its 10,000 , then 8,000! then its 12,000 - help anyone!?

When should the first service be?

I Hate Car Dealers!!!:mad:

well the service book says clio2L 12.000 miles or 2 years depending which is reached 1st:confused: and why would an import be any different cus mines an import and i was working to that rule thinks me have to go a have a chat with renault:confused:

Whats the small print like for the MK2 172. MK1 book says also replace aux belt every 2 years ! Thankfully mine was replaced under warranty at 1 year.