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172 v`s WRX Bug Eyed Version

  evo x rs

My mate came round yesterday and I had a drive in his scooby, (Getting the new STI back end of next year)

So Id never had a drive in one, ok so its the new version and not the sti, but it felt quick. So we decided to pitch them against each other. We had a rolling start at about 20 mph and then hit a mile straight near my house. Where its a national speed limit. We agreed on hitting the national speed limit sign, toe it.

Well I was well impressed with my clio, I kept up with him easy all the well into high figures.

On the return we did the same with him following me, Once I booted it there was no way, he was catching me. A good performance I think for the 172, when I do get one though its got to be the sti cause one of those just aint quick enough.

He was really suprised that I could keep the pace all the way if not gain or pull away a little!!!
  Renault Laguna Coupe

There was a nice new one at one of the Bedford trackdays. No trouble keeping up with it. Bugeye or not I thought it looked the nuts though.
  Silver Fabia vRS

Yeah the one at Bedford was my brothers, but that is a PPPd new shape WRX. He has since fitted Eibach springs becuase I could keep up with him round the twisties! On the straights it was a different story as he pulled away.

He came out in my 172 and said he was amazed at the amount of grip mine had for a FWD car.

My mate has a new WRX - nothing in it to 60 but I mince him to 100...........hehe. He suffers coming of roundabouts and corners until the turbo kicks in!

The newest impreza has a different engine and suspension and front but you can only get it in japan, the one we get here jus has a little done to the suspension and the new front. shame, new one sounds much better.


I dont think your mates very good at driving turbocharged cars then if he suffers on roundabouts and corners and not in the boost range ;)


Well we compared them - he drove my cup, I drove his wrx - or maybe Im lying?? I beat him - nuff said and btw he and his brother are 2nd in the Irish rally series and they drive a GRP N Mitsubishi lancer EVO 6 so I dont think u need to worry about his driving skills in turbocharged cars or mine for that matter!;)

The new wrx is slow - the STi on the other hand is not!

I agree with CUPSIZE on this one. The STI is the business. There was a WRX motoring around at a fair old lick around Mallory last time, about the same as our Cup when driven by the bloke, but unfortunately the girl wasnt as quick!;) So she got overtaken by the Cup... But then she wasnt alone in that...:)

Cup, in standard form the wrx is very strangled (3 cats for instance compared to 1!) but take some of these out of the equasion and add a sports exhaust and it can be pushing 270bhp without too many problems (would suggest a remapped ecu though).

The STI is a beast of a car (have driven one and was going to buy one except that my circumstances have changed so have to wait a while now :() but i would rather have an S202 ;)


My cup (having also taken the strangly bits out) could be pushing 280BHP (turbo conversion/nos/throttle bodies/full exhaust/manifold by R-Sport, 6 sppeed box, full slip diffs) etc etc) and with 900kgs weight as well in fact would beat most thingsand would eat any scooby old or new for breakfast! Anythings possible with money and time - Turbod motors arent the only motors that benefit from tuning - they weigh almost 1.5 tonnes and thats heavy so power to weight generally suffers! Light car/loads of power vs heavy car/loads of power? My Point is though standard wrx and standard cup (almost apart from clear repeaters and silver vsions and personal plate) end of the day are pretty even!
  CTR EK9 turbo

I beat a bug-eyed Y-reg WRX a while back in gear acceleration up a slip road - overtaking him at around 115-120 mph+ (abandoned airstrip of course). My friend waved as we over took to add insult to injury and he could not believe his eyes. A friend of mine met him and he mentioned the race and was suprised that a little Clio toasted him. It was an estate tho - possibly heavier than saloon? and it was standard, but so is mine! apart from different Sony speakers in the doors - and no i didnt have the group N ecu then....

Off the line would be a different story, but how often to you meet someone for a race at the traffic lights and youre both at the front of the lights on red? (not often enough, grr!) But obviously the 4x4 would win, as demonstrated by my friend in his pulsar one too many times now!!

The new WRX isnt all that quick to 100mph...

Does the 0-100 in 17-18s which is very similar to the 172

0-60 is more impressive simply due to the 4wds ability to launch, but poor bhp/tonne and the extra losses through the gearbox mean that once its rolling it just isnt that quick.

300bhp in a 4wd is like 250bhp in a 2wd then youve got all the extra weight to take into consideration. The advantage of 4wd drive though is the ability to actually put the power down which in most cases out on the roads is what is more important.

My moded 16v is was faster all round that a red Mk2 Scoob I met a while back - except on roundabouts.

So whens the 4WD Clio coming out then?!;)

Having both, I can say that there is not much difference between both in "standard" form in a straight line. However, spend circa £500 on each and the WRX will drive away from the Clio due to the £500- being spent on a completely decatted system (get rid of all 3 cats).

We now actually do a complete remap of the WRX in its above form. We mapped this on my car for the first time last night and we are pushing out about 300 bhp. Put it this way, its quicker than a Jap spec STi VII in every gear as we tested them side by side on the A127 last night!!!

But I left a "standard exhaust" WRX for dead on the A13 2 nights ago, yeah its quick if you can keep the traction on!!!!!

  320d M Sport

Hmm, my mates buying the classic shape Scoob in a week, wonder what itll take for my 172 to nail him???

  320d M Sport

Its gonna take more than that i think! Mt only chance is to do a rolling start from 20 upwards maybe????
  CTR EK9 turbo

Yeah and keep your accelerator down through gear changes.....that is if you dont care about your clutch! knocks loads of time off your gear change tho and you can get ahead!

Main difference IMHO between the 2 cars isnt the straight line speed but how they take corners. The way the two cars drive is completely different and overall the bugeye WRX is more complete and obviously has easy modding potential.

Cup is great on smooth roads but I find it hard work on bumpy b and c roads compared to scoobs. bugeye WRX is so composed and feels like a comfy cruiser in comparison at speeds where the Cup driver s sweating to keep it together. In some ways this makes the Cup better than the bug eye WRX which I find a bit too soft and easy.

I was tempted to take the Cup on a Scoobynet drive last weekend but for the above reason and the roads being wet I chickened out at the last minute and took my scoob instead - definitely take the Cup next time.

167mph according to one or two that have been measured with GPS on Scoobynet.

P1s will just keep accelerating right up to the rev limiter and beyond so its pretty dangerous doing top speed runs in them. Apparently quite a few P1 engines (no 3 piston) have let go during high speed runs.

Not been that quick in mine - it is much quicker than the Cup over 90.

Ran the two cars against each other again this weekend. On poorer back roads the missus was able to drive away from me in the P1 (most embarrassing) especially when she overtook me at one point when I had run out of balls in the Clio.

Smoother stretches though and the Cup keeps up quite nicely:D.
  Silver Fabia vRS

Those P1s are awesome motors...just pull all the way. Mate of mine had one and through Milton Keynes just ate up the roads and I think we took most of the roundabouts at 100!

yeah, always sorta wished i bought a P1 rather than my MY00 but decided the extra 10k was not justified at the time.

Hey... how laggy are normal wrxes??

when do the turbos start spinning??? i heard the new wrx (with the adjusted bug eyes) will have 20nm of extra torque from 2000rpm....

I think its a bit of a pointless comparison as theyre just not a like in any way. Id take an EVO over a scooby, cos they look better, if you can say that an EVO is good looking!


Bug eye WRXs are pretty laggy below 3k. Theyre a bit flat footed esp on the motorway - look at 50-70mph times quite a few slower cars can get a steal on them if they catch the driver unawares in 5th.

Classic shape Impreza Turbo was more laggy round town to 3k but noticeably punchier when the boost came on it also had a lower 5th gear ratio so better on the motorway.

P1 though is much less laggy than either and bloody quick in 5th on motorway (unlike the new STi) :D

I know that Scoobs and 172s are different cars but its still worth comparing them. Much as I like Scoobs I still prefer my Clio Cup as a daily driver.