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-= 172 Vs VTS @ York Video =-

Lineup as follows peeps :-

1st 172 Vs VTS

2nd VTS Vs Civic

3rd Uno Turbo Vs R5 Turbo

4th Skyline Vs Escort Cossie

5th 240Z / Mustang?! Vs Mk2 Ford Cortina

6th Vts Vs Vts

7th Toyota Celica Vs Civic

Snail Users : 4mb


High Speed / Broadband Users : 9mb




ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

That car vs the Celica in race 7 isnt a Civic...

Looks like a Corolla T Sport to me.

makesno sense to me apart from the obvious car racing, whos in what etc.. goes too quick and can understand the times hes calling for whoever
  mk2 172

that is indded a t-sport - with a twist, has a 20 litre turbo with 4x4 runnig gear and 400 bhp, its a show car and is immaculate, well that day right in front of me he reversed into a bin and scratched it to f**k, felt so sorry for the guy!, the engine bay is a work of art!
  williams and trophy

he he iv got close up footage of the damage the rusty drum did to it after he reversed it into it lol

just after hed finished washing it