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172s in Swansea

If you own a 172 and live in Swansea, was it you that I have seen driving around ? I have seen a Silver and Blue MKII 172 driving around by Sketty and Mumbles and I also saw another Silver MKII on Loughor Bridge yesterday ! I drove past in the opposite direction, anybody on here ?

Well, Im the silver Mk1 down the Mumbles, but you knew that right? Dunno anyone else who has one, but ive see a couple around the place.

Cheese, I know yours mate, saw you yesterday, but you already knew that too !

PBS, I think I might have seen yours too, not sure.

There is a spanish silver MKI 172 going around Swansea too, see that all the time.

Not seen many MKIIs apart from these I saw the other day, I dont think they come on here, if I had seen it when it is stationary then I would have popped the website addy under his windscreen wiper.
  ff 182

Hey guys and gals why dont you come and meet the rest of us on Sunday in Cardiff.

Have a look at meetings for more info.

Cheers Pete

hello lads,

i have a 172 anyone from around llanelli, seen a couple of silver and blue mark 2s also seen a yellow mark one, anyone on here own them?