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182 CD Stacker

In the 182 is the wiring already there for the fitting of a CD stacker? Am I able to source my own and plug it in??? Rather than get the Renault OEM?

Thanks in adv

None only Renault OEM ones fit. The cable you need is £79 or so ex vat plus the canger (not 100% sure it comes with a cable) is £250~300.

I have a cd changer lead for sale and there are usually several changers on ebay at any one time VDO Dayton CH0600 is the model but most come without the lead.

Bought mine on ebay came from a renault megan with the cable for £100. just fed the cable under the carpet and bought the under seat bracket for about £7 from the local dealer. it works fine but would not pay £350 for the lot from the renault dealer i would change the stereo unless you get a cheap one like myself.