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  1. Z

    Swop a clio 182 engine for a 172 ?

    hi guys , bit of a noob here Both mechanically and when it comes to clio sports. I own a 182 and messed up my engine. After trawling the net ive found a 172 engine im told the code is F4R736 whereas mine is a 738. Please talk me through the process is it simple as removing one and slapping on...
  2. AndyPembs182

    Car covers

    I’ve put this in the detailing section because I’ve read about car covers which can cause damage to clear coat - nothing major, but I’d rather not mess up my 182! I should add that it’s for outdoor use. Could I ask for recommendations and pointers? What should I look out for in buying a cover?
  3. S

    New headlights for Renault Clio 2.0 16v sport 182 with both cup packages

    What is going on with Renault? all I want is a new set of headlights for my 2005 Renault Clio sport 182 with both cup packages. I'm tearing my goddamn hair out! Everyone is advertising that they have them but they don't? Ordered some off eBay they were delivered broken. Ordered some from Europe...
  4. AndyPembs182

    Wishbones for 182

    OEM or genuine? Big difference in cost. Keen not to change the ride or handling, but equally don’t want to bankrupt myself!
  5. AndyPembs182

    Dogbone bushes - which colour?!

    I want to re-bush my 182 dog bone with Powerflex and am wondering which colour to use. I don’t intend taking it on the track, so it’ll be fast road use. I know that black is intended for track, but would there be any benefit to using them anyway?
  6. AndyPembs182

    Wet left foot

    During a rather quick drive this morning I suffered a wet left foot in my 182... cold water, clear and didn’t really smell of anything. Dribbled out near the footrest, but then tunnel carpet was wet for about a foot behind that. What do we think? Heater matrix or a more general leak?
  7. AndyPembs182

    Front ARB bushes

    My inner front ARB bushes are starting to perish - should I go for original Renault or aftermarket? Pros and cons welcomed in replies/comments....
  8. Iamhiding

    172 / 182 oil pump mod worthwhileness & bleeding

    I’ll be replacing a suspected failing oil pump later in the week. 148k engine, Howling bottom end like the pump is struggling when cold with the thickness of the cold oil and vibrations from the oil filter. No oil light popping up and the noise goes away once warm. Very subtle valve tick once...
  9. AndyPembs182

    Headlamp washer pump location

    My windscreen and rear screen washers are working fine, but the headlamp ones aren’t. I’ve had a search and gather that two pumps are needed. Could someone help me with the location of the one which does the headlamp washers?
  10. AndyPembs182

    Aircon condenser

    I need to replace the aircon condenser in my 182. An initial search online shows a variety of prices from around £50 to £300+ If you’ve replaced this part which did you choose? And where did you get it from?
  11. AndyPembs182

    Air conditioning pipe part number query

    The pipe which connects the top of the condenser to the compressor in my 182 has split and needs replacing. Does anyone happen to know the part number for this? (Currently failing to find it on any of the parts websites...)
  12. J

    Clio 182 High pitch noise at speed.

    Gettting a high pitch noise when at about 80mph + Comes from the front but unsure if it is the dash or an external noise. Anyone had this issue before?
  13. AndyPembs182

    Bluetooth connectivity for 182

    I’d like to add Bluetooth connectivity to my 54 plate 182, but I want to retain the original headunit. Ideally I’d like to avoid the FM-transmitter type as I’ve tried a couple and not found them to be very good. Has anyone found a good solution? Ideas, suggestions and recommendations warmly...
  14. J


    Evening all, I recently popped my engine on a track day in my clio 182. I have a replacement engine. I am looking to see if anyone on here would be able to/or know anyone in north west, preferably close to macclesfield as possible to fit my new engine? Thanks
  15. FPummell

    Fred and James’ Clio 182 Racecar Project

    I’ve wanted to start a project thread for a while but progress on the car has been a little of the slow side whilst doing the fabrication work on the shell so there wouldn’t be regular updates. However we have just started to paint it so now there is light at the end of the tunnel so thought it...
  16. E

    182 Clio Turbo Options

    Hi all, couple of weeks ago purchased myself a 182 Clio in Titanium with both cup packs, my plan with the Clio is to boost it, now, the engine is on 158k which I'm thinking needs a full refresh before I even think about boosting due to the mileage so new rings, new gaskets, bearings etc. What...
  17. Iamhiding

    Odd brake pressure issue non cup 172 ph2

    Hi guys, just want to bounce this off someone. Clio 172 ph2 non cup with abs. I’m no stranger to rebuilding bike/car brakes etc, spent more time doing it than I care to think about although I’m less familiar when it comes to abs systems. So the story, Brakes were fine prior to this. few...
  18. Manny182

    Arctic Blue Clio 182 Project

    I purchased my Clio 182 for £1100 back in November and it's safe to say I've been in love with her ever since. At the time, I said to myself I'll keep the car past the summer and look to move on afterwards, but who was I kidding... Even though I haven't done any work on it or spent anything on...
  19. OneTime_

    OneTime's Racing Blue 182

    I've always had a soft spot for a Racing Blue 182 and when I stumbled across this one a couple of weeks ago I put in a bid and ended up winning! I collected it last weekend from Hereford and had an enjoyable 3 hour drive home. I've come from owning a Honda Integra DC5 and a Hawkeye WRX STI...
  20. F

    Clio 172/182 cup spoiler upper/3rd brake light replacement guide

    I am gonna try and make this as complete as possible, if you have any questions, i'll answer. So... Your 3rd brake light failed on your cup spoiler. Great you're in for a treat. Alright, first off you need to source a new one, which can be expensive as they go for about 90€ (i'm french sry idk...
  21. Manmr94

    Fuelling problem clio 182

    Hi, when i try fuelling my car the fuel nozzle do not run ok, i have to do too slow because it is faster i cannot keep trigger pressed and then i have to press and unpress a lot of time. Has somebody any solution?.thanks.
  22. RacingBeaut

    Clio 182 Cup Racing Blue

    Hello, first time posting as a new member. Recently I decided that I wanted to return to something cheaper to own. Having driven my brother's Clio 172, the decision was made. I purchased the car in November, from a gentleman near Gainsborough. The car was being sold on behalf of his son, who...
  23. sava001006

    Sav's Clio 182

    Hello all, I've been a long time member but not posted on here since selling my Clio DCI back in 2012. But I'm back. I'm an avid track day goer that has a boosted MK2 golf all sent up for track day's. I've recently been over to the ring and the car just didn't have a good time, over heating etc...
  24. 1

    Key fob broken

    Anyone know the best place in or around Glasgow to get a new key cut and programed for my 182 and a rough price the central lock button broke but can still get in and start the car using the key blade would just rather I didn't have to keep going round the passenger side to get in and lock the...
  25. C

    New RS Clio 182 Owner - Project RX

    Hi all, Having recently sold my MK2.5 MX-5 I was on the verge of swapping to a 135i for another fast-ish road car. At the last second though, I had a change of heart and decided to propose buying an older hot hatch and converting it into a rallycross car to race in the amateur league next...
  26. T

    New to ClioRS

    Just bought my first clio sport 182! Had a few Audi’s but it was time for a change!
  27. N

    Hi from warrington! Need help please :)

    Hi, I have decided to bight the bullet and buy a clio and need some help! I have decided to go for a 182 if i can find one in budget. Never owning a clio i have no idea what to look for and what to avoid? So anything i should know? Also i am going to use it occasionally on the road and on...
  28. B

    Ktr coilovers 182

    Hi guys Does anyone know how high I should have my Ktr set to? It would be great if someone could tell me the hight from the centre of the wheel cap to the top of the wheel arch. I’m running 15” wheels if that helps. Thank you
  29. A

    Adam_'s 182

    Hi all, Recently bought a 182 with the intention of using it as a track car and just all round bit of fun to tear round in when I'm not mile munching the daily (Octavia :sick:) This is the 2nd clio I've had, the first being a Mk1 1.9 diesel one that blew up within 2 weeks of buying it...
  30. RSIW182

    My 14yr old Titanium Silver 182

    She's been OTR for the last six months, but now she's back and been treated to an enhancement detail and AutoGlym UHD Wax. Honestly never had the paint looking this good before, very happy with it, only the wheels left to sort now - absolutely battered beyond belief?