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  1. N

    Hi from warrington! Need help please :)

    Hi, I have decided to bight the bullet and buy a clio and need some help! I have decided to go for a 182 if i can find one in budget. Never owning a clio i have no idea what to look for and what to avoid? So anything i should know? Also i am going to use it occasionally on the road and on...
  2. B

    Ktr coilovers 182

    Hi guys Does anyone know how high I should have my Ktr set to? It would be great if someone could tell me the hight from the centre of the wheel cap to the top of the wheel arch. I’m running 15” wheels if that helps. Thank you
  3. A

    Adam_'s 182

    Hi all, Recently bought a 182 with the intention of using it as a track car and just all round bit of fun to tear round in when I'm not mile munching the daily (Octavia :sick:) This is the 2nd clio I've had, the first being a Mk1 1.9 diesel one that blew up within 2 weeks of buying it...
  4. RSIW182

    My 14yr old Titanium Silver 182

    She's been OTR for the last six months, but now she's back and been treated to an enhancement detail and AutoGlym UHD Wax. Honestly never had the paint looking this good before, very happy with it, only the wheels left to sort now - absolutely battered beyond belief?
  5. M

    RenaultSport Clio 182 geo/tracking settings

    Hi, this is my first post. I own a RenaultSport Clio 182 55 plate in black gold. it has under 70k on the clock and is well looked after. I live in Hull, just off willerby road. I have had my Clio for around 4 years now and up to now, nothing has really gone wrong. I have mainly maintained it...
  6. 1

    Can anyone identify this exhaust back box?

    Thinking of getting this exhaust as it’s cheap but the owner doesn’t know the brand. Looks a bit like a miltek but not sure. Don’t want to buy any unbranded junk thanks!
  7. C

    Clio RS 182 Track Car

    I and a friend just picked up a 182 for very cheap as we know the guy who owns a couple of them! Body work isn't in perfect shape, dent on the bonnet and a few scrapes but it's pretty much track ready! Coilovers, decat with a map to suit, a nice intake. The previous owner said it was originally...
  8. Pummellf

    182 Full Custom Roll Cage Design

    Hello All, Nearly completed stripping a 182 to turn it into a track car so been discussing what to do with the roll cage. So would be great to hear peoples thoughts and ideas to make a better roll cage. Ideally would want to have a Custom Cages multipoint weld in cage (like below) but without...
  9. R

    182 on ebay, info anyone?

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to buy a 182 and I've seen this one on ebay. Was just wondering if anyone has been to see it yet? or if it's anyone's on here? Just wanting to see if there was much background info! Ta!
  10. C

    Abs and ESP lights

    Hi everyone, I changed my mk2 steering wheel (which had cruise control) for another mk2 (which doesn't have cruise control) Everything is connected correctly, but as soon as I turned my 182 on, the ESP lights stays on, and when I start driving, my ABS light goes on. Any ideas of what could it...
  11. C

    Lambda sensor question

    Hi everyone! I have one tiny question for the Clio 182 Are the front and back lambda sensors exactly the same? If not, what's the difference? Cheers
  12. olisc97

    Alpine HU Part no

    Hi All, I know Alpine did a adaptor loom that gets the dash display working with an Alpine HU in a 182. I know they're rare as hen's teeth. But has anyone got a part number so I at least know what I'm looking for. TIA
  13. Emma1985

    Gear selector rod help

    Hey can anyone advise what I’d potentially need to change here... I’ve had an engine replacement and since I can hear the gear selector rod knocking when driving on uneven road. I’ve had a look and it’s very slack. It’s not effecting the gears in any way. Any help be appreciated thanks
  14. C

    How can I know if my clio has the cup chassis?

    Hi! I just bought a clio 182 and was wondering, how can I know if my clio has the cup chassis pack or cup suspension pack? Because I know this clio didn't include heated seats and has less equipment for weight reduction.
  15. D

    Clio 182 exhaust

    I have a standard 2005 RB182. Once o have freshened up the suspension and brakes etc I am wanting to put a cat back on. I want something that isn't screaming in my ear all the time but still gives pop and a bang now and again. Any recommendations?
  16. D

    Steering wheel

    I'm sure there will have been posts about this already but... what do you recommend to do with the steering wheel? Replace it with OMP or similar ( smaller wheel ) or get the standard wheel done in alcantara? If anyone has replaced the wheel, what have you don't with the steering controls...
  17. albpacker

    Pics of 2118's on a lowered white 182/172?

    Anyone some pics for me? :blush:😅
  18. P

    Clio 172/182 - Which one to buy? Which model will be worth more in 10 years?

    Hi all, I believe this is my first ever post on here, i am looking to purchase a 172 or 182 in he next few weeks. Around 8 years ago i owned a 172 Cup and i still regret selling it and need a Clio Sport back in my life. I was looking at 205 gti's but they are already too expensive. My work...
  19. Z

    muffler delete on 182 ?

    hi, guys, I am thinking about doing a muffler delete on my 182 and i want to ask about how loud it will be ????? thanks .
  20. L

    SPOTLIGHTS and relay help

    Main beam relay Location. I’m on with fitting a pair of spot lights to my 182 cup at the moment, however I’m struggling to locate the relay for this, I can only seem to find 1 relay under my passenger glove box that seems to have no effect on the lights. Currently I have wired my spot light...
  21. W

    How many KMs are too many for a 182?

    Hi, New member here. Proud owner of a 2015 Clio RS Sport. One of my friends is also looking to join the club with a 182 however it's clocked 190,000kms. So just curious as to how many Kms is too many? Here are the two we are tossing up atm. Any opinions would be appreciated...
  22. N

    "Nicole" - The Clio 182 budget track car project

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum having only purchased a RS 182 recently with my friend Gary. We're going to turn it into a track day toy. Made a little video of us going to buy it. Going to try to post videos of each step of the modifications we make. Neil.
  23. M

    Alternator on way out??!

    Hey guys, so I'm selling my 2004 182. 103,000 miles and has full service history, belts done again at 93,000 Niles there. So a mechanic for bmw came to view it last night and loved it but noticed this sound (see video) and said it was the alternator on its way out. Have a listen please and...
  24. N

    Cheap Track car 182 BG

    Hi all just recently brought a 182 for a cheap track car/mid life crisis as my wife calls it, even tho my daily is an Pulsar Gti-R. Its has K-tec Exhaust, Ram Air panel Filter, so need a few more bits. Currently working in South Africa till Jan, so stacking up parts at my mates house.
  25. SharkyUK

    182 Trophy Welsh Weekender 2017

    Sadly the weather wasn't so good this year, and the roads were quite a bit busier than we'd experienced in previous years, but the turnout was better than ever! It's not everyday you see a Trophy on the roads so to see 18 of them travelling around Wales was quite... well, epic! :) Thanks to...
  26. cliocollins

    Quarter Mile Race - 182/200T/595

    Hi all, Just looking for some feedback on this race coming up. There has been a lot of talk and numbers thrown around of who will win and by how much.. 1, A friends Clio 200T with the following mods : Panel Filter, Centre box delete and new dunlops all round. (Launch Control/Auto) 2, My...
  27. Barnett182

    Clio 182 water in the footwell

    Well well, where do I begin? I've now had two Clios that have done the same thing! I know this has been posted before but there are no decent pics of where people should be looking for the drain holes (although their not to difficult to find). I've taken a couple of pics of where the one in the...
  28. S

    Idle Rattle

    2004 Clio 182 The car has developed a rattle on idle, it happens when the car has reached temperature. At first I thought it was the exhaust heat shield. I discovered yesterday that if I engage the clutch the rattle disappears. Could it be the clutch release bearing? Or a worn mount? Many...
  29. W

    Advice please on this car :)

    Hi all, I've just signed up to the forum as I'm looking to get a 182 track car. Have come across this one for the sale and wondered if anyone had any pointers/advice on it? My knowledge is fairly limited on these at present so anything is appreciated. Thanks...
  30. rem1859

    A few photos from FCS 2017 Donington Park

    Thought I'd share a few photos taken yesterday at French Car Show 2017. My son is an avid photographer so as usual came armed with his camera. Here is a pic of the stand, my car on far left having come back in after track time: He shot a few Clios flying by the pits on the long straight too...