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182 Cup Suspension Differences

Looking to get myself back into a 182, which will be heavily track orientated.

My old 182 had the cup suspension with 60mm spacing, and I’m just wondering if I should try and go for this again or does it make virtually no difference in the real world?

The shocks and springs would be replaced for coilovers anyway, so there’d be no advantage there.

I remember the cup setup using bigger bearings which I assume on a track car is more ideal?

Any other differences? Sure I read something to do with a difference in castor which was better setup on the cup.

Also, out of interest - Does a 172 Cup have the same suspension setup as a non cup 182?

Many Thanks


ClioSport Club Member
If you're replacing the shocks and springs then it makes very little difference.

Like you said it's just the hub you will keep and the very small changes between the two.