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182 Exeter

  Monaco Blue 172 (56/468)
What colour was it m8,cant remember if i was around then,live near tesco so often round there!!
  '92 172, Lotus Elise
it was silver i think, going quite sedately... i came up on it rather quickly (I love that corner) and then gave u a quick flash (oo err)

then turned off past tesco into that new housing estate

i see loads of the damn things around exeter now ;) saw another 3 today.. Ive never seen a racing blue one though :(
  BMW E46 330i Touring
Lol, yuutttuuupppppp.

I think the rarest in the area is Evoo's, haven't ever seen another black Ph1 around here.
  '92 172, Lotus Elise
its ok can be safe in the knowledge that although all these rs's are common as fook you have a slightly more exclusive motor

damn right! i was so excited at the Exeter meet to be convoying with a williams/16v... never ever see any of em around! :D


ClioSport Club Member
indeed he does...

it is originally the language of daddy tucker when he's p*ssed off at chris lol

his dad tipped a trailer over, instead of helping with the clear up tucks stood and watched whilst taking photos
  BMW E46 330i Touring
Lol, I have to admit I only think of using it in the company of Neil or Tucks, but it's catchy.