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182 Exhaust advice

So my original 182 exhaust has sprung a few holes and is now blowing... so its time to replace it!

Well, if im going to replace it then obviously im going to up grade it right :)

Ive been looking at Scorpions as they appear to be the solid way to go... but after speaking to a buddy im wondering if he's identified a small problem :/

He tells me that performance exhausts tend to have a bigger bore than standards. And because im intending to keep the original Cat and replace the middle section silencer and the back box only then i might have a problem connecting the middle section to the original cat... is this a problem or not?

Im also wondering if this job would be ok for a decent local mechanic or would you recommend finding a clio specialist?


ClioSport Club Member
the ktec I had (centreline) came with an adaptor to fit to the standard cat or you could run it with their decat/sports cat for full 2.5" which I done with a silenced decat.
  182 Turbo
You wont have any problem, yes they are a bigger bore but they taper down for the cat attachment, you dont need to pay a specialist to fit an exhaust anyone with a pair of functional hands can do it