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182 in Ayr SC53 OEM

  BMW E30 325iiiiii
Dark Blue 182 SC53 OEM

In ayr going past the royal bank of scotland on the sandgate.

Anyone know it?
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  172 Cup, Ibiza Cupra
I'm sure that is a 172 Cup? As I saw it up for sale before I bought mine (plate is similar to mine aswell)
  172 Cup, Ibiza Cupra
It's deffo a 172Cup mate.

  BMW E30 325iiiiii
i owe you an apology kind sir, it is a 172. thanks for the link tho

really good to kno where he stays as he tried to reverse ram raid my mates rav4 (with bull bars) because he tooted at him for sittin at a green light on his fone and he had his pregnant girlfriend in the car.


  Abarth 500
Used to always see that parked up in Largs high street, don't think the guy is on here