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182 is great!

  tiTTy & SV650
every now and again I feel the need to start a wee thread like this...

What a great fun car, totally loved every moment of driving it this weekend on a and b roads that I had and some that I havent driven before.

I dont think any of the cars I saw on the road all weekend was having as much fun as me, and those who reckon the 172 / 182 isnt capable enough for overtaking have a word cause I did plenty of safe 4 car+ overtakes :approve:

I've had the car long enough to know how to throw it around and it was so well composed, never once stepped out of shape, always progressing to the front of traffic with ease and generally having great fun.

all with two bikes on the roof, muahahah love it lol.
lol, i think everyone has times like this ... but not just in cliosports.

But on the otherhand... i bet you absolutely hate your car sometimes, and feel its not performing the way you want it to
  tiTTy & SV650
nope dont hate it ever, its cheap and cheerful and great fun. hate the dealers on occasions but not the car.


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio trophy
cheap and cheerful sums up the 182!

i love it! it is a great car

totally agree bout the 4+ overtakes.
  182, Milltek
Amen to that. My 182 has been nothing but a pleasure and so were the one dealership I have had involvement with.

On a similar note is how accomplished it is at the 'cut and thrust' on fast roads/Mways. I drove the entire length of the M3 late last night and had typical I-pass-you-then-you-pass-me-repeat fun with none other than a stealthy black Ferrari 360. Now of course he wasnt even vaguely trying but it was still aaaaaaaace :D :D :D :D .
  Nissan 350Z
Yep, still loving mine too. I've had itchy feet a few times in the last few months, and have test driven loads of cars (in my pricerange) and basically theres virtually nothing in its price range thats more fun, while remaining at least slightly practical. To me its no wonder the RS's have won awards.


ClioSport Club Member
Will agree with this still loving the 182 after almost 2 years of fun now - it's still great fun every time you get in it.
I was especially impressed coming home late on friday night when I destroyed a Mk 4 Astra GSi turbo on a blast up an uphill d/c stretch... had expected it to be quite close, but he was well behind...
I always enjoy taking the clio to go to see the in-laws and nipping along the A43 - keeping a steady speed most of the way, but blasting through the roundabouts is superb fun!
My wife drives the clio, and I've bought myself an LCR, but the clio is just so much more fun than the Leon (and seems pretty similar in pace too). It's such a complete package, you've got to love it!


ClioSport Club Member
  FF Jeden Osiem Dwa
Nearly 5 years of owning 2 RS's and it still puts a smile on my face , plenty of b road driving today on my way to the Southport airshow with my holding on for dear life lol ;)
i loved my clio when I had it. Would love one again in the future but think it will be a weekend/track toy :D
  liquidized RacingBlue 182
i loved ma black 1.2 and wen i got ma racing blue 182 i was in heaven!!! just so much fun to drive all the time, make pointless journeys!!! always the long way and never the short route!!!! i dont even mind putting countless $$$ of fuel in :D:D:D


I love David's 172, he always enjoy going out for drives in it. We love driving the little country lanes and just enjoying it as the ride is really very comfortable now with the new coilovers on. We also enjoy town driving a lot as we get lots of admiring looks of passers by. Often I feel the car can get more attention than some of the larger more flashy looking cars. Although there are people who think it is just an ordinary clio with a load of fake stuff stuck on it they are soon proved wrong when it flys past though.

  182 - Now Cooper S
I love my 182 - it is a brilliant car no two ways about it.

The only thing i don't like about it is the petrol consumption. I have recently started using nothing but V-Power, and I filled up 3 times in about 12 days. I think that is extortianate, i thought maybe it takes a few tanks to get used to the new octane then it should settle?

I guess it is worth it though, i love showing up other people older then myself, and it is brillaint when i pull up next to another teen in a 1.2 etc.
  Nissan 350Z
The fuel economy is actually superb IMO for a car of its performance.

If you had one of the new turbo lardarses you could expect 20 or less MPG regularly ;)
  182 - Now Cooper S
Fair enough. Im sure thats true, its just i spend alot of money on petrol, but i guess having a nice car comes at a price so im nit complaining.


ClioSport Club Member
I'm amazed how our 182 loves V-power (or I've suddenly grown a helium filled right foot) - on the last tank (which admittedly had lots of motorway) showing an average of 38.6mpg, compared to more usual 36 on motorway and 30-33ish average... Will wait and see if this is a freak, or if it continues...
  tiTTy & SV650
i used to do 700miles a week and in my 205gti it would cost me £90 a week in petrol whereas the much quicker 182 was £75 a week in fuel, I do much less mileage now, around town fuel consumptions is gash but on long runs its fine.