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182 multichanger fitting

  Boxster S

Has anybody got any experience of fitting an Alpine multichanger to a 182? Ive been told that I just need to order the bracket from Renault and it should sit straight in?

Does anybody have any pictures or is there a guide? Ive done a search and cant find anything




If thats the standard one you get in Clios then you need a bracket which clips onto two slots in the floor under the passenger seat. It has a screw at the back to hold it in place.

I fitted my old one in Bubbles car the other day, took 10 minutes including running the cable.

Youll most likely have the storage tray under the seat at the moment, youll need to remove that.
  Ziel Nurburgring

Is this to make use of the std HU or have you fitted an aftermarket unit? As according to most, the std head unit isnt compatible with anything

Otherwise, its probably a seat out job. Which isnt to bad, it bolts in from underneath and you disconnect the airbag wires.


its mega easy, have you got proper cable ?, if so take the headunit out, push the cable up the back of the back of the dash from drivers footwell, then push rest of the cable under the carpet to under the drivers seat, takes some doing but do it from one side then the other, when i put mine in i just velcrod it down, and it never moved, no need for the bracket, took me 15 minutes tops



Its not a seat out job, you just run the cable along the sill the same as Renault do, the only difference is they run it over the top of the dash around the airbag, I ran mine under the dash.

The Renault headunit will only work with the Renault badged Alpine unit.

The one I fitted was the Renault Alpine one. I removed it from my 172 then put in in my 182, then the other week I installed in in Bubbles 182.