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182 running issues

  Clio 182
Hi folks. Having some annoying issues with my 182. Usually starts fine but the past couple times it's taken a bit longer but it has started. Once started it idles OK but very hesitant to take any throttle. Drive off and its spluttery until about half way on temp gauge. Once it hits that it's usually fine and throttle is sharper, not convinced its as sharp as it should be though.

Code wise there's a code for MAP sensor and IAT sensor, don't know if its coincidence but I'm running a Tessa manifold and these sensors are in slightly different locations? Any faults that can throw both these codes?

Engine wise it has a tessa inlet, 197 cams timed at 8 degrees.....does this combo increase fuel smell etc, exhaust is decat straight to a small back box. It's had a recent Bosch front o2 sensor also.

It's annoying as the car will run fine one minute then spluttery the next.