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197 internet deal

  Clio 1.6 16v Dynamique +
Anywhere has got to be cheaper than Renault! I still wouldn't buy one though, especialy after reading most of the reviews of other CS members. I'll stick with my little 1.6 thanks. ;) :D


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio trophy
i reckon i will be getting one at somepoint. i loved it tbh, as it suited me down to the ground. I may well wait for the inevitable cup/trophy variant.

It's like any car, it all comes down to what people want. Some don't like it because it is bigger etc but for me it would be ideal. The megane for example would be too big for me but i'll still give it a dirve somepoint to see how it compares. Likewsie cars like the st etc. But so far the 197 is my choice. it won't be for many though due to the poor spec and controversial 'speed' issue lol
  Clio 1.6 16v Dynamique +
Speed is not something that is too important to me, as long as a car has abit of umph, I'm not really fussed, hence why I chose a 1.6 instead of going for a 172 or 182, besides, I'm not exactly a youngster anymore and find myself quie often just poodling about. I guess a 197 would be wasted on me really. I had at one point considered going for a new 1.6 DS, but couldn't get a test drive no matter how I tried, but from what I hear I probably wouldn't like it anyway as the new steering system seems to be abit of an issue for some people, and I prefer my cars to feel well and truely in contact with the road rather than feel it is hovering above it.

I personally feel that Renault have changed the Clio way too much and in doing so will kill off the Clio. It will not be anywhere near as popular as the previous models and will therefore die out, which is a shame being as they are so versitile and popular. I guess this means I will have to make sure I keep mine in tip top condition as I will not be able to replace her with anything anywhere near as good . (IMHO).
bet they would not give you that price for cash , looks like it is based around finance, but a good deal all the same.
  Clio 182
slider said:
bet they would not give you that price for cash , looks like it is based around finance, but a good deal all the same.
But you could just take the finance and pay it off straight away if you wanted. I done that when I got double glazing for the house. Cold seal would not give me the low price without taking there finance so I took the finance, phoned the company and paid it off within the month.