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  1. O

    RS 197 Engine Rebuild - Tolerances / Running Clearances

    My dad and I are looking to rebuild the engine in my 197 soon. All to OE spec. I'm currently looking for a list of standard tolerances for everything. I've come across R3 specs, but these look to be larger than those of standard road going engines... I'm assuming to cope with the higher heats...
  2. J

    197 won’t start

    My 197 is playing up! I’ve read afew things about this issue but has anyone solved it? When I push start button everything looks like it’s about to start as normal including lights on dash as normal, but won’t start. Then says “steering not locked” and no matter what I do or reset, it won’t...
  3. J

    Exhaust/flexi/subframe 197

    Advice needed… I have a 197 and just had it in the garage for exhaust. The mechanic tried to modify it so it doesn’t constantly hit the subframe but was unable. Also the flex is leaking so will need new front part of the exhaust from manifold with flex pipe to middle section. Struggling to find...
  4. J

    Looking to build a meglio this winter

    Hello, I am hoping to build a 225 powered mk3 Clio and I am currently looking for the best build threads or guides available here on the forums or elsewhere? I've had a little search but looking for some recommendations. I currently own a stripped, half caged 200 which I adore but want a...
  5. LB197

    197 - 3D Printing Ideas

    -- If this post belongs elsewhere, by all means move to where it should -- Hi all, Should be getting a 3D printer in a couple of weeks and wondered if anyone has any images of past Clio (MK3) bits they've done. Got a few ideas myself but would be good to see other ideas. Cheeky question, but...
  6. D

    Need left side headlight clio f1 197 (57)???

    Hi everyone, I ordered a full left side headlight for a clio 197 second hand off ebay as my current one the ballast and bulb isn't working, the replacement works but the lens unit is detached from the light (wont re attach) so it wobbles/not balanced and wont pass an mot. Does anyone know where...
  7. LB197

    197 LUX Project

    So after a year of ownership I’ve made a few changes here and there and with my old thread images breaking i thought id start a fresh. So this is my Clio 197 Lux, judging by the how many left site theres only around 20 of these left on the road. You probably know the differences in these...
  8. rupes1351

    Renault Clio 197 Renaultsport Black Cambelt/Water Pump Manifold Done HPI Clear

    Hi, selling my clio 197 eBay link is
  9. R

    Red 197 / Crashed in Bradford - east parade 4pm

    Around 4pm just in bradford, by east parade/canal road. Smart 197 in red and a Yaris? Looked nasty, hope all are okay if on here.
  10. ThatKidSmokey

    New Read discs

    I badly need some new rear discs, Are these right for a 197?
  11. rupes1351

    Renault Clio 197 Front Bumper Rubber Strip - where to buy??

    Hi, I am trying to source the front clio 197 rubber bumper strip but can't find anyone who sells it. Will this be a Renault job?
  12. M

    197s are getting silly cheap?

    Just having a little browse through PH/AT/eBay at 182s to get a feel for current prices and it seems that 197s are approaching silly cheap money? Saw quite a few cars around the £3/3.5k mark, with 60-70k miles, some with gearbox swaps and a couple of years left on the belts. Seems like these...
  13. ThatKidSmokey

    Headlights point down??

    After a couple of seconds of turning the engine on My 197 auto headlights point down at the road giving me 2ft of vision at best during night time drives, I've been told that something may have "popped off" anyone got anymore info on how to fix this?
  14. ThatKidSmokey

    Debadging like a noob

    I impulsively debadged my car tonight at -1 with boiling water and tooth floss but now I've messed my clear coat up Hating it. On the bright side I fitted LEDs throughout which look dope.
  15. ThatKidSmokey

    Fitting new 197 tips

    I'm currently waiting for some "bolt on" tips for my 197 and wondered if i'm going to have take my diffuser off to fit them? Thanks :)
  16. M

    197 F1 on PistonHeads Carpool

    Quite a tasty looking 197 on the PH Carpool today, I'm sure its someone from one here... :kissing:
  17. ThatKidSmokey

    197 cabasse aux input help!

    So I have purchased a iPod cable to put in the amp (under the drivers seat) hooked it all up and nothing is happening. Spoken to the supplier and he hasn't got a clue "never known it to not work" Seen some 10 year old posts but just wondered if anyone has had any look recently.
  18. M

    Tom's 182 and 197

    Hi everyone! So this is the start of my 'thread'. I won't call it a build thread for now as I won't actually be building much (I don't think so anyway), but rather just a collection of my two RenaultSports. My very first post was a review for Steve @RSportsCars, so I shall lift some of that...
  19. Knuckles

    197 braided lines

    Does anyone know what aftermarket lines are the closest to OEM fitment, I.e. Going around the damper, mounting on the hub and fitting to the calliper. I like the look of these but I can't see a length to them. Cheers
  20. Steve_RS

    197 Lux

    Yo, I was going to stick these in the 'What have you done to your car today?' topic but I thought I'd whore a full new topic instead. Gave the 197 some TLC this morning, fitted new TRW droplinks, replaced the aerial for a stubby alternative (thanks for the support @Typhoon & @james24785 ), also...
  21. C

    Timing tools help please.

    Some assistance required. Bought timing tool set off the bay to do cam let change on Ph1 172. Engine no rusted away and not on log book. Camshaft locking Tool doesn't fit and apparently according to seller kit fits F4R 730 and 732 but not F4R 736. On this basis I assume I have a F4R 736...
  22. welshname

    Clio 197 - Won't start

    So I've had a bit of an issue with the 197. First off I was driving home and the "ESP Deactivated" warning came up. Thought nothing of it and assumed it was a dodgy sensor or ABS ring. Then I got "Brake Fault" followed shortly by "Steering Fault". All this time the car was driving fine aside...
  23. welshname

    Alternator Woes

    Just wondering if anyone know whether a 225 alternator will fit onto the 197. I've been told it does and I can get hold of one much easier than I can a 197 item. Anyone? @Scrooge @Budgie
  24. Knuckles

    Continental cs3 performance

    Bit of an odd one. I've been falling out with the cs3s fitted to the 197 recently. It started on a spirited country drive last year when the rear got a bit squiggly on perfectly dry roads. Normally it's always properly planted with cs3s all round. Then at oulton I could not get traction...
  25. Steve_RS

    GW 197 Lux

    Hi all, Few years back I had a 172 Cup which due to reliability issues had to replace with something newer, reliable and slower to get me to work, which ended up being an Ibiza. It did its job but I got incredibly bored and had an itch that needed scratching, so impulsively decided I was going...
  26. Knuckles

    Ly r27 bath

    It's hardly worth its own thread but I gave the car its first proper wash of the year. I didn't do a write up as it was the same process as I always do; wash, decontaminate, glaze instead of polish because I don't have time to correct at the moment, wax and dress the trims. Proper...
  27. Knuckles

    220bhp 197 Yup
  28. E

    Clio 200 4th gear crunch misery... RUK help?

    Hey chaps, appreciate people are probably sick of seeing posts on this issue but I would be grateful for any help / advice.. I've had my Clio 200 at the dealer and it's confirmed 4th gear synchro problems as is always the case.. According to RUK because it is 'not a known/common issue' they...
  29. welshname

    Welshname's Deep Black 197

    So as some of you know I've been looking for a 197 for a while. As much as I loved the monaco the time had come where I had to draw the line with spending any more money on it. So...The replacement is a deep black 197. Spec: Xenons Cornering Lights Climate Control Cup Spoiler 19mm Spacers...
  30. D

    Just bought an R27

    Hi, I have just bought a Clio 197 R27 (haven't collected it yet) and it has a milltek cat back and k&n cone filter, I haven't sold my older 197 yet, it has a ktec cat back and k&n panel filter. What are the differences between the KTR and the milltek cat back. would I be better swapping the...