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197 push start?

  Glanza V
hi all i have a 197 with the push start, you normaly have to put your foot on the brake pedal for it to start but now all of a sudden its letting it start with just the clutch down? is this a fault any help would be great, something doesnt seem right.



ClioSport Club Member
  Extreme mode
Yup and me :)

Iirc the handbook does not mention the clutch, only the brake lol
  Megane dci 130
It should start on either. Iv had this fault before on a 197. Make sure the wires arnt broken on the switches. Make sure the brake lights work? Also the rear wiper and the boot opens?
  Glanza V
thanks for all the replies av realy not noticed this before in the 3 months i have owned the car ha cheers lads