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1997 R Clio, help me please!

  Abarth Grande Punto

first of all im after new rear clusters, im told lexus style are on their way, does anyone know of a stockist yet?? Please!!!!

secondly i want to replace my gear knob/surround but have no idea on how to do it especially with the funny reverse gear!

Thirdly, im after the Renault Sport badge like the one fitted on the v6 cos i want to take off the originals and just have the sport badge. dont suppose a dealer would do it would they???

Lastly, My clio did not come with fog lights, so i went to the dealer and they told me that for the complete fit including switches and wiring would be, wait for it,....£185!!! I was in shock does anywhere know where i can get them cheap? Most breakers say that most cars are smashed in at the front!

Any help on any of these would be wicked cheers in advance


contact me on
  Abarth Grande Punto

okay ive been to renault and ordered the badges. cheers for all your help on tat one!