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2.3k engine still seems tight

  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

I have just done over 2300 miles in my 172 and wondered if people have noticed any difference once they start hitting 4000 miles. I mean it is fast but the engine still seems a little tight.

Any ideas ?

I did have some fun with a 325 BMW the other day though and it wasnt really a test of the cars ability.

BTW lift of oversteer is great fun and the car give you plenty of feed back when you have it in this situation.

I reckon mine is still loosening up and Ive done a whisker off 10K. Ive recently returned from a trip to France where I racked up 1800 miles.

The car seems noticeably deferent after that – but maybe that’s because its not full of camping gear!

I had a conversation with MarkB a couple of weeks ago who also said a similar thing about his car around the 10-12K mark.

You running your car at the weekend then?
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI


I dont even know if I am coming up in it either, might have to take the misses car up so we can share the driving so I will race ya in the 1.1s metro, might be a close thing to about 5mph

Might come along and have a look at all you guys destroying your cars though !
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI


Could bring the Turbo Lada but wouldnt want to show all the Evos and Scoobies up

If you gave me a 400 yrd head start I might be able to beat you.
  Astra 1.9cdti XP

Mine still felt a little tight at 7000miles but had it in the garage last week dont know what they did but it goes like a rocket now!!!

It is so much different, I dont knwo whether they have tinkered with the ECU but it goes!!!

Had a little battle with a 330ci yesterday and I was the quicker of the cars - only just though!!

The engine on mine felt very tight around 1500 miles but, after two track days and an oil change it it soooooo much better and improving all the time! Chavyboy - get it on the track!!
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

So many people say that there car is faster after the service.

My thoughts on the mater :-

They restrict the cars ECU when it is first built so you have to take the car back for the services otherwise your car never reaches its full potential and renault never re-program the ECU after the service. Sounds like it will safe guard the engine while running in ? Another Reanult Scam ? Maybe, Maybe not.

Any body elses thoughts please !
  BMW 320d Sport

Its not the first time Ive heard that story and I wouldnt be surprised at all. Its an easy way to prevent warranty claims etc, by restricting the engines performance while on low mileage. At each service they take out another block on the ECU until by the time you get out of warranty the ECU should be at full strength.

It must be that because to be honest this is a brand new modern car, they dont need running in for thousands of miles any more...
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Nick my thoughts exactly ! I would be interested if say Nick Hill could take a before reading and then an after reading of the ECU,

or even a now reading on my car and then a now reading on a car that has had a service.

Or can any one else do this ?
  Silver Fabia vRS

Mines done 12500 miles now and still feels a little tight although a lot quicker now than when it was new. It didnt feel any quicker after the 12000 miles service though!

I think JJ is more on track here.

Ive been thinking a lot about this recently with my car now nearing the 6k mark.

I think that wilst distance the engines covered is a factor the way it is driven seems to play a much bigger role.

Use it on a track, get it used to Revving like it wants to take on the world with a big COME ON THEN!!! and it will loosen up and start to feel much better.

But also from the number of posts ive read where people feel the car is faster after their first service i was thinking about CBs comments as i was thinking that as well.

But it could just be down to the fact that you suddenly jump from a knackered old AirFilter to a nice clean one, with a clean fuel filter and they have got rid of that semi synthetic running in oil and replaced it with lower viscosity fully synth.

Oh i dont know....

What do u guys reckon?

  Renault Laguna Coupe

Could be that when you take your car in for a service the mechanics take it out for a test drive and it gets the nuts thrashed off it. That would loosen it up nicely, just like a trackday!
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI


I also thought about your theory.

Aparently the ECU is adaptive and adjust depending on the way you drive the car, so you drive it hard and car will lob more fuel in the cylinders, so I tried this theory but to no avail.

I still think MR Renault Engineer tweeks the ECU after the service so you have to go back to them time after time.

As to the Air filter surely something like that wouldnt make that noticeable difference ? I know this is a key part of the system but to make the car noticeably faster ? Not to sure !

Chavvy M8 , this is not the case !!!

They restrict the cars ECU when it is first built so you have to take the car back for the services otherwise your car never reaches its full potential and renault never re-program the ECU after the service. Sounds like it will safe guard the engine while running in ? Another Reanult Scam ? Maybe, Maybe not.

Any body elses thoughts please !

No way.. not ever... the average reno garage wouldnt know its arse from its elbow.. and you THINK they reprogram the ecus LOL... ??????

seriously, no they dont !.. a service upgrade is possible, but not for power, for bugs in the software.

that is NOT the cause or case..

its simply a case of the more hammer (in sensible conditios WHEN the unit is at normal operating temp ).. the better...

,running in by the book, is a load of horse manure...

the period is only realy there for the average muppet that wants to thrash it straight outa the drive..


and, sorry, Chavs. bu I missed your bit about adaptive ecus..

adaptive means it alters parameters based on engine deterioration

it does not..

tune itself to your way of driving...

adapt to a different driver style

or in any other way reprogram itse;f to make more power.....


bsic know sensor. i think (correct meif im wrong) the engine is basically searching for the most advance it can run at any given rpm. when pinking or knock occur, it can hear it and retards the very wuicky of course, dunno what the sample rate is though.
fuel like optimax with a higher RON (actually the average between the original RON and MON ratings) starts to pink/knock later, so more ignition advance can be run, and hence you can get more power. I have to run optimax on my Nitrous XR2 otherwise the lil kent engine shows early signs of detonation, which is BAD!

ECUs do adapt to the driver and the fuel, they may even be reset after your car is serviced, this may be what you are feeling (some Subaru garages do this and the car feels a little stronger )
The cleaner oil may also be why the engine feels better (not as sludgy so smoother running) or the fact that your running it on a higher octane fuel (which may feel like its quicker, but in most cases it is just smoother).
My poor scoob felt like a dog at around 3k miles i even had problems outpacing a 1.8ltr standard civic vtec :eek:
Now after a few more miles (and some modifications ) she flies i also dont rag my car for the first 5 miles (ie i keep her under 2.5k so the oil can warm up as it takes this long for it to do so!) but there are no ecu "blocks" they take off, it is just the engine parts are still tight, they will wear in and when they do they will make the car quicker


Hi Tony,

sorry m8, I disagree, the term adaptive has jack to do with the driver.. it DOES NOT adopt to a driver or style.

it adapts to lama signal and knock based on other inputs.. ATS, CTS, etc..

Fueling is simply a case of advance till ya knock, then back off.

this is a total old wives tale Sir.. not borne out by fact.