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2-WAY or 3-WAY front speakers

Hi .. I am just about to buy some front speakers.. and seen both 2-way and 3-way speakers.. but the 2-way sound much better IMO.. the 3-way sound a bit less realistic...more tiny sounding. But the reason I ask is... I thought 3-ways are supposed be better?

Just like to know if Im doing the right thing with 2-way speakers? (p.s I dont want component speakers)

Thanks.. :)
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It all depends on the quality of the speaker. A crap 3-way wont stack up well against a good 2-way speaker and vice versa. Its all down to personal taste on what you go for, if you like one set over another then go for them.

Can I ask what is putting you off the components?

Thanks.. they were 180watt Kenwood 3-ways.. that looked the but didnt sound it. I think the 2 Ways were 220watt Sony (i havent been impressed with Sony before... but these sounded pretty good) .. just thought Id ask u guys first whats the difference in sound between 2 and 3 ways? Ill get the 2-ways...thanks!

I had a full install before... with infinity components and Alpine amps and subs... they sounded great.. but just want a simple bolt in replacement this time.. not going for full on stuff...just a decent sound.

Thanks for the info.. ;)

Quote: Originally posted by mr sheep on 24 March 2005
niether get components!

agreed, for an extra few quid, you will have a much fuller sounding speaker

oh and as for kenwood vs sony vs every other brand, id look at pioneer or infinty for the money, the two you mentioned are pants

Okay.. thanks everyone... I got a full Infinity component kit in my drawer... and amps! I just didnt wanna go with it.. but I know the Sony might sound pants on paper...but it sounded good.. I still think Ill go with that.. i know components are better tho. but was impressed with the Sonys.

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sony ice isnt what it used to be mate, for the same kind of cash on speakers choose pioneer instead, they are a lot better

oh and nothin wrong with 2 ways

and you dont think the stand and equipment it was run off would have any effect on the sound??

the ONLY way to tell how good a product is, is to test it in YOUR car with the rest of YOUR, most good ICE dealers will fit the kit to your car to give you an idea if you ask them properly

demo stands are there for one reason, to "SELL THE PRODUCT"

Righto... they did have a complete other section...where they were showing off there DVD screens.... playing videos...and all those were using Pioneer speakers... but when I went back to find the same ones on the stand..they werent there.. I might have to find out what they were... they did sound very good! ;)

Thanks for all ur advice guys