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2 year / 24,000 mile service

I am getting a wheel and tyre package soon and they come with Khumo tyres. The guy said for an extra £5 a corner I can have Falken instead.

Which shoulg I get?


Booked in for monday morning at my local dealer....

cars only done 14,000 miles from new...but is due a service..

£150 ex VAT for the service....

what do / should they actually do at this service interval ????

What, in peoples past experience has come up at this sort of mileage ???

brakes ? suspension ? erm.. things ?

The only thing I have noticed is a rattle from the front section of the exhaust.... heat shield maybe ??

anyhow...just wondered what experiences people have had..

ive taken the day off work in case I have any nasty shocks..... ;)