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200....locking wheel nuts....where they stashed!

  Mk2 Clio dci
Wherever the dealer put the box! More likely forgot to give you them if not in pockets of the car!

pot ltd Che

ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
Make sure you go back and get them to look in the car!!

If you can't find them and leave it a while they will say you lost them and will have to pay for a replacement set. (Not that i've ever done that.....)
  clio sport rs 200
well mine where in the manual thing they had a hard wee case in it with 2 lock nut keys and 4 oringinal bolts
no trace at all! tried boot, under seats, pockets, glovebox!

had to call dealer anyway about some scratching on car so will ask them to check