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  1. F

    Wheel bearings falling apart faster than governments

    So I’ve been running 20mm spacers on all four corners of my 1.2 mk2 for years. About six months ago my NSR bearing starts grinding gently and then very quickly not gently. I changed the bearing on the NSR buty press doesn’t have the force to get the OSR bearing out. Luckily when I put it all...
  2. H

    15x7.5 et35 225/45/15 on a clio 172?

    Howdy all, looking to put some very grippy tyres on my Clio, have been using willtheyfit and it seems it will juuuuust fit, granted my car is lowered a lil, wondering if anyone has any experience with this wheel size and offset on Clio 172/182? Also am hoping to use some konig hypergrams :)...
  3. D

    Name of those wheels

    Hello guys, can u tell me the name of those wheels? i think they are nice af .
  4. N

    Will these wheels fit my car?

    Hi there! So I am currently looking into buying some alloy wheels for my Clio GT 128 Gordini: Cades Eros Black Lip Polished The website states the that the wheel diameter is 16" and the wheel width is 7". I've never bought wheels before so I wanted to make sure that I am getting the correct...
  5. H

    Squeaking/Chirping - Driver Side Wheel - Extremely Annoying

    I am now getting very annoyed at this issue on my Clio RS 200 I’ve been driving for 2-3 months now. 3 weeks ago I did my first long drive and noticed when I had the window down that there was a squeaking/chirping noise coming from my front right driver side wheel. First impression was it will...
  6. R

    Renault Clio mk3 p2 (2011) left wheel offset and pitched back

    Hi All, After losing control on a slippery road I managed to hit the nearside (passenger side) on a large wooden fence post, there was a large amount of cosmetic damage however my one fear and worry is my left (passenger) wheel. The wheel is now significantly pushed back (just misses hitting the...
  7. A

    Four 15" Renault Storm 6J ET43 Wheels

    I'm having a clear out and I'm not using these wheels any more on my Autosolo 172. I have no idea how to price the wheels, the previous owner paid £200 for the set second hand. They're bare wheels, ideally could do with a refurb but are useable as they are. No centre caps, but they may be in the...
  8. D

    Steering wheel angle sensor

    I've recently put a aftermarket wheel on but I broke the angle sensor, I purchased a new one but don't know how to calibrate it, can someone tell me how to do it? TIA
  9. D

    Clio mk2 Front Seat Lumbar Stuck

    Hey guys, So I am working on my Clio mk2 (3-door) and found a few faults with the front seats. First; the passenger seat wouldn't tilt to let passengers in the back. The bar was jammed so I fixed that no problem. The main problem currently is that the wheel on the inside of the seat to adjust...
  10. Rystar

    Lost locking wheel nut key, help needed!!

    Hi Guys, I have no idea how, or when, but my locking wheel nut key is gone after and extensive search followed by anger. I know the Renault OEM locks were made by Farad, they supply replacement keys but the wait time is about 2 weeks from the continent. Now I've noticed on eBay, you can buy...
  11. SWL16

    Connects2 Steering Wheel Controls + Sony HU = A new problem!

    So after searching half the internet for this particular connects2 box problem I am none the wiser... HeadUnit: MEX-N6001BD Original HU: Update List Connects2: CTRSN005.2 Patch Lead: CTPIONEERLEAD Hi Guys, My connects2 box is installed, renault is displayed and some steering wheel controls...
  12. Will16V

    Wheel bolts 172 - recommendations?

    The wheel bolts on my 172 cup are looking way past their best, so I'm looking for some new ones, preferably locking. I was going to go for some Renault OE ones, but just wondering if anyone has bought any other aftermarket bolts and had good experiences with them? Don't want cheap Chinese ones...
  13. JamesBryan

    Wheel/Tyre Suspension Clearance

    Just fitted my camber bolts and had them dialed in to -1.5 deg. I'm now thinking the inside edge of the tyre might be too close to the suspension spring, especially on track under hard cornering. I can just get my fingers in the gap between the two, so say roughly 10mm +/-. Is that enough...
  14. C

    197/200 Brembo Conversion - Wheel Fitment Guide

    Hello Can someone please help me confirm a list of what wheels fit on the Pure Motorsport 197/200 Brembo conversion for the 172/182 ? Specifically, can someone please comment on if the 16" +38mm Team Dynamics 1.2s will fit or if a spacer is required So far I have found the following: 16"...
  15. Leonardo

    Home Wheel Refurb

    I just refurbished my wheels as there was quite a bit of kerbing on them. It's the first time I have tried to do this and the results are pretty good I think. I did this with the wheels still on the car, masking over the whole recessed area for the wheel nuts, surrounding bodywork and brakes (I...
  16. M

    Special wheel request

    Does anyone know where to get a 15" alloy wheel that looks like the one in the picture (clio) as a pot hole defeated the existing one, I've looked on eBay and contacted breakers yards too. Cheers!
  17. James363

    Wheel bearing size 172 Cup

    Hi, I need to replace my front wheel bearing on my 172 cup, and a look on euro car parts is telling me there are two sizes (40ID 84OD or 37ID 72OD). K-tec has different categories for 182 Cups and everything else, but it doesn't say which is larger. Renault parts direct has different bearings...
  18. Triple J Motorsport

    Best wheel re-furb company?

    Need two of my wheels refurbished and curb grazing removed. Where is the best cheapest/ best place?
  19. 1


    Thinking of getting turinis on my mk2 phase 1 172 instead of the oz f1. has anyone got any pics with them on?
  20. DomP182

    Steering wheel uj

    Trying to reduce play in my steering, on my old 16v I welded up the universal joint which made the world of difference. Is this part similar on the 182 as in do the still have a plastic part that can wear? Found my rack bushes were loose yesterday which is embarrassing as it was me who put the...
  21. H

    Asking for steering wheel fluid for clio 172

    I would like to buy steering wheel fluid and read at the renault manual that it must be Elf renaultmatic D2 or Mobil atf 220 and got at Renault store another one with reference number 77 01 362 322 (in Spain, I dont know if its the same number for other countries). Should I put inside this new...
  22. D

    Back in a Clio, considering an Clio IV Sports Tourer. Pics with bigger wheels?

    Hi Guys My old 1991 Valver, is still the car that i wish i never sold. However i am soon looking at getting a new car. It will have to be something quite sensible though (i have something else for fun). I have been looking at the Sports Tourer, as i really like the look of the Clio IV in wagon...
  23. adir

    172 spare wheel cutting

    Hey guys.. As the title, has any one ever done it? I can't find any info about it. Is it the spare wheel tub have any thing to do with the chassis geometry /strength? Best regards Adir
  24. Jimbob 2705

    Does changing wheels affect tracking?

    Possibly a really stupid question here, Fitting camber bolts on the front and putting some 10mm rear axle spacers on, and would like to get the car set up / geometry done For winter I'm running my 182 Alloys, and I'm getting my Turinis refurbished which I'll put back on once winter has gone...
  25. Wakey182

    182 FF wheels on my 172???

    I've just had my 172 wheels fully re furbished and there mint, they look really well on the car with standard springs on the front as the 30mm were too scatty and 30mm lowered rear. I ve bought a set of 182 wheels with the idea of doing track days but with spending quite a lot cosmetically and a...
  26. Simmie


    I have heard it is not a good idea to skim them, where is cheapest to get a new one if I need it? Its s mk2 172 cup.
  27. M


  28. J

    Wheel spacers?

    Hi I have just lowered my Clio tce I am looking at getting some 25mm wheel spacers, whats everyone's thoughts? Thanks
  29. Welsh.Dan

    LY 197/200 in Coleford. Blue RS twingo with white wheels

    Assume the household is a fan of rs Renaults! Working nearby and see the cars. Both look nice. Looks like a gordini twingo.
  30. 5

    Renault clio 182 OMP steering wheel fitted now have airbag and service lights on?

    Hi guys just joined the forum today so do go easy on me if this is a common fault. I have had my RS clio 182 for a few years now however no decided to have a little play about with it now it's been my daily runner for the last few years now so now I have brought the newer RS clio 197 and got the...