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2000rpm idle

i have a 2003 172 and now the tick over is 2000rpm. soon as i put clutch in it revs up to 2000rpm when changing gear. im no good under a bonnet etc, so what could be the problem and how much would it be at a garage to be fixed? thanks for any help. Chris
  Iceberg 172
So it revs up to 2k when you press the clutch or idles at 2k? Mine when i starts idles a bit high so nothing to worry about, once your on the move it settles down though.
Your car doesn't have an idle control valve so it isn't that.

Possibly got an inlet leak somewhere in the inlet system
When its cold and when its warmed up. its now ticking over at 3000rpm!!! Payday monday so a trip to the garage, just wanted a clue to the price so i dont get robbed and also to brace myself if it is going to be dear. Thanks for any help. Chris