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2003 Renault Clio. Dashboard doing some weird things.

  Renault Clio
A number of weird things about this dashboard.

i) It isn't backlit despite the headlights being on. However, on the short journey there were brief moments when the backlit came on.

ii) The petrol gauge. FYI my tank is about 30% full.

iii) The tachometer. My car is parked. When I was driving it was at the same level.

Any idea what is going on? It's late at night so I haven't checked the fuses - could they be an issue? What should I check tomorrow?

Thank you for your help!
  Renault Clio

Oops - meant to include this in op. Sorry, tired. Thanks for your patience and help.


ClioSport Club Member
Unplug the 3 multi plugs from the UCH and leave it for 5 mins and re insert, see if it temporarily fixes it, usually that's a sign the UCH is starting to play up.

its behind the glove box, pop your head in the foot well and look up behind the glove box and you should be able to see them
  Renault Clio
Thank you! Is it OK to drive for a couple of days before doing that? I have a couple of important journeys - I'd rather do them before messing around, if possible.