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2005 Black Gold 182

  106 GTi

Cheers guys - Hadnt really noticed the yellow tax disc thing till I looked at the pics. I took the yellow dealer sticker out the rear window the day I picked it up, Tax disc holder next!
  255 V6 Black Gold

whats does "black gold" mean?? wheres the gold in it??

soz... not right clued up on 182 colours....



theres gold flakes in the black paint that show up when sunlight shines on the body work mate.
  106 GTi

182 Blue, - its all polished, waxes and sealed and pretty much swirl free.

Trevq - images hosted here

There are as said very tiny gold flecks in the paint, didnt get round to taking any pics to show it battery died.

Tax disc is the standard Hylton Renault one.

salivating in anticipation of wednesday now!

Was worried i made the right colour choice after reading the paint swirl horror stories and seeing the liquid yellow, but am so happy i went for black too.

That is cherry!

By the way, i like the tax disc holder
  106 GTi

I know that feeling.

Thought the same as you. Was lucky that mine was mostly swirl free, a good polish seems to have sorted the rest. Also fancied the Yellow but it is a bit loud for an old man like me.

Glad I went for black but it relly does get dirty easily.

Darren S

ClioSport Club Member

Mine used to look that clean........ once!

Quality rear pipes there - leeds182 - how much did they set you back?

Do they make any difference to the standard exhaust note?