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2013 Clio 0.9 tce blown engine options

  Renault Clio 0.9 tce
Hi all hope you don't mind me jumping on here just to get your help, but we could do with some sound advice, my son has blown the engine on his 2013 clio 0.9 TCE and were not to sure where to go now, they seem to be holding their price pretty well but we have no idea on the best way forward, do we get the engine rebuilt, is it worth getting a recon engine and getting it fitted or will that prove too expensive, what are we likely to get for the car as it is. Thank you
  clio rs mk4
id go for a low mileage second hand engine or a refurb one but second hand might be cheaper on likes of ebay. depending on whats gone wrong on it it might be worth rebuilding the engine. car would be maybe scrap value or maybe more if its of use to someone depends what someone would be willing to pay really
  Renault Clio 0.9 tce
Were not able to do this, it would have to be done at a garage, we have had our usual garage have a look at it and he says it's not worth trying to repair. So it's going to would incure full labour costs as well as the engine, i have no idea how long it would take to put an engine in tbh, or what the car value is without an engine
  2014 Clio 200t edc
There are places that fit second hand engines, and some will collect car and return it. I’d be looking at those kind of places. Failing that a mobile mechanic with the correct equipment will probably do the job if you source the engine.


ClioSport Club Member
Find a garage that will fit the 2ns hand engine. Most will probably ask you to source it yourself so it's your issue if there is any problems but I've fitted tons and never had an issue.

Has he ran it low on coolant and cooked it? They are a fairly reliable engine so I find it hard to believe it's "blown"