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206 GTI 180

Does anybody think Renault are likely to respond to the new Pug GTI and build something with more power somewhere between the current 172 and the V6 ?


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Isnt the 172 and the Cup, the reason for Peugeot coming up with this GTi?

probably yes...

There is a massive leap from say.. 130 bhp to 170 bhp.. but to REALLY notice a difference on the 170 bhp type cars.. ya need to go about 30-40 bhp more for the same weight, otherwise its just a numbers game, the law of diminishing returns etc..

In another 6-12 months, we will probably have 230-250 bhp pocket rockets, most of you wont remember the insurance problems in the 80s when the price tripled overnight for the sports hatches.. they will most likely do it again as the power goes up.. not for them being nicked, just cos of the power and potential problems in the wrong hands. (And the ability to cream dosh off the potential owners)

the bhp figure game for the hot hatches will surely come to a sticky end me thinks.. and no one under 35 without a rich daddy will be able to afford to insure the damn things...

,,,,,,,,,,,, a small prediction ,,,,,,,,,


The 206 should be as quick on paper, but let there be no mistake - it will not be of the same ilk as the 205 GTi, 306 GTi-6 or 106 GTi. Both these smaller brethren have at least 50bhp less than the 206 GTi 180bhp - but that extra 50bhp wont make the car any quicker in a straight line and definitely not point-to-point cross country.

The 206 chassis just isnt one of the Pug greats. I really want to believe that a 206 GTi will be a latter-day 205 GTi, but the truth is that it isnt. The "best hot hatch" mantle was once the Golf Mk1s, then the 205 GTis, next it went to the Clio 16v/Williams, later the 306 GTi-6/Rallye, then the 106 GTi/VTS - and now the 172 and CTR are fighting it out. The existing 206GTi chassis just isnt fab enough to make it onto that list, as good as it might be - and another 43bhp wont transform an average chassis.

I dont think any of the serious hot hatch fans or industry commentators reckon the 206 is any good, and doubt that the group tests of the 206 GTi180 will do much to change that. Theres too much talent about. Im ready to eat some humble pie if it comes to it, but I doubt it will.

Its not looking like the GTi 180 is going to be a slouch on the twisty stuff either.

Taken from the 4CAR website

"The 206 GTi 180 has modified front suspension geometry and stiffer springs, and two rear tie rods for improved rear axle stability and better road holding, as on the 206 SW estate. ESP (electronic stability programme) is standard, as is traction control and directional control."

Looks like Peugeot are serious about the 180s handling, maybe as a direct response to the 172 Cups workover.
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Well I read the reason the 172 got 172bhp was because Renault thought Peugeot were going to release the 206 with their 167bhp engine, which they didnt

Good for Reno, Bad for Pug.

Maybe this is Pug trying to out bhp the Clio

EVO this month gives 6.5 for the CUP - "206 RC doesnt worry me (Ive had the onlt thing you should all be worried about next year is Slartys 280BHP turbo/Nos conversion - gulp..................

The 167bhp engine would have been nice in the 206 gti but it didnt meet the emissions regulations for 2002 or whenever it was so they stopped producing it (along with the 306 gti-6).


it also looks aftermarket, id defo buy a 172 over one! I like them gran turismo edition ones though, saw i guy with a wrc spoiler on that back..looked cool..shame about the fact its a pussy underneath
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Funny that Peugeot have designed the best rally car over the past two years, but yet the 206 is not a good handling road car - why is this!?!?!?

The Evo6/7 and Impreza etc, even the Focus, are all good rally cars - and the road going versions handle very well indeed, maybe the Focus isnt quite as good as the rally car, but still handles well (talking about ST170 and general Zetec 1.8 etc).......

Why would the Pug 206 be probably the best rally car in the world, but the road version "average" - Maybe we are underestimating what it will be like with 180 horses............


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Quote: Originally posted by nickg123 on 10 December 2002
Funny that Peugeot have designed the best rally car over the past two years, but yet the 206 is not a good handling road car - why is this!?!?!?

because other than the look of the car the are 100% totally different, one cost on average 10-11K the other costs about 300,000 - 500,000 quid. Thats a big difference

Doubt it with the 200bhp Megane due out in the summer and the all new Clio in 2004. Be interesting to see how Peugeot price the car bearing in mind the 206 is a relatively old car now

The pug 206 isnt a bad handling car, but remember its completely different from the WRC car. The 206 aint no 205 but theres not much wrong with it, its the lawnmower engine which lets it down the most.
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All im saying, is why can the Impreza, Evo etc be an affordable road car, that bares quite a lot of resemblance to the WRC - but they only cost £20-£30k, the Peugeot is not even close to the WRC! At least the scooby/evo have Turbos and 4wd.


Peugeot are bouncing the figure of £15 495 around for the 180 Gti at the moment.

Nice looking car and impressive sounding though, but I cant see how Pug can justify that price tag when IMHO the 172 & Cup must be its closest challenger, and they weigh in for £2500 less. I dont even think the Cooper S is as much as that.
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All this competition is good for us consumers. Pug just announced their 307 CC with the 180 engine, so I hope the new Megane CC will be a little more generously endowed!

I heard the price for the pug 180 GTi was £14,995 in a recent local newspaper motoring report. Pug ugly IMHO, compared to 172.

Excuse the pun!