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21 at last just got insurance quotes!!!

Well chaps i think it will be a 16v rather than an RSi, here are my TPFT quotes from Tesco for both cars - shows how little difference 1 group makes: -

1.8i 16 valve = £1533

1.8i RSi = £1420

i have no bonus though but that will change soon:Dshame the 16 valves all seem to have millions of miles on the clock

strange thing was my quote for a Saxo VTS was only £1318 - and i thought the Citroen would be lots to insure becuase of the image:eek:


ClioSport Club Member
  Seat Leon Cupra

Definately go for a 16v, the RSI and valver are worlds apart! I too was shocked with such cheap quotes on a Saxo. As for high milage, im on 110k and no major problems yet. As long as its got a full history and is looked after you shouldnt have a problem, mine only had a partial Renault history but they were mainly motorway miles. Id keep an eye out for a 16v off the board, probably be well kept.