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21 Today!

  Suzuki SV650

If anyone would like to buy me a beverage, beer tokens accepted ;)

When you turned 21, what did you first say when you got asked "So, whats it feel like to be 21??"

"f**king sh*te..." was my answer...

Hap Birt mate , free bus pass soon eh, one year closer to death hip hip F***ing hooray, im 26 soon some of my colleagues at work are a decade younger than me they call me grandad.

Im think im going through the menopause, Cheers.

happy bday, were going up to dundee for my mates bday today, its 3:25 and im sitting with a beer...could life be better:)

hope you are as drunk as me tonight!
  Suzuki SV650

Heh heh, I went to the Works in Birmingham last night and in the 1st pub I had several bottles in a pub in about an hour. Now it doesnt take much to get me drunk so I was pretty trollied last night. Its great having drunken photos taken with random women!! :D

Going back to my home town tonight (Melton Mowbray, Pork Pie land), prolly going to get trashed tonight as well.

Bottoms up!