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21ten Automotive Art


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I have been on the forum a little too long (about 16/17 years) have owned multiple clio's and have been building one for about the past 8-10 years so I am not here to pull a fast one... ha.

I am however posting a bit of a shameless plug. (There was a previous thread, but since starting 21ten just over a year ago I now need to make some changes to what I offer and it made more sense to start afresh so all the information was correct and less confusing.

21ten is a passion project that utilises my everyday talents* but in less pressured way. Day to day I am a Graphic Designer mainly working in Advertising and the Automotive industry.
The idea for 21ten was to give me more time at home (pre CV19) to spend with my son, who's birthday the name is taken from.

In the past year I have been busy and picked up a number of commissions, which has been great, a lot of these have been Renault's and the majority Clio Sports. I don't only do Renault Sports though and have had a number of other commissions also. I will share these shortly.

If you like what you see please feel free to PM me on here or follow on facebook or instagram and message me on there.
Cheers Neil


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Renault Sport Clio's
From ph1 172's to race prepped championship cars through to the 182 Trophy






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Bespoke commissions
I also take on bespoke commissions this may for when someone wants something a bit more special, this can be for editorial use like magazine covers or like this large scale wall graphic for Ellani Cars . So please also get in-touch if you have something like this in mind

Screenshot 2021-01-15 at 13.07.39.png
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Chris from Beaniesport got in contact with me earlier in the year with regards to helping design the livery for his championship race car (as seen above).
I have known Chris for quite a while and know how hard he has worked to get Beaniesport the reputation it deserves, that is why I was more than happy to sponsor him.

It was great to help another small business out, and was a pretty good feeling seeing the 21ten branding on the race car.



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Always like seeing your work mate. It’s on my list for you to do me one in the not too distant future.

Would be great to replicate the race car in an illustration. When you are ready give me a shout.

Neil did my Saxo.
3 prints with different colour backgrounds.
Just need to get them up in my office.
Great service.

Thank you Phill, looking forward to seeing them up in the office.


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Renault sport Clio Phase 1 172
Probably the best looking of the original Renault Sport Clio's? (well I am biased).
I had a couple of requests for these recently and believe I have almost worked up all of the phase 1 172 colours now.


*It isn't a conscious decision to move to a grey background. I usually work up the illustrations with the backgrounds matching the vehicle colour however recently the client has requested a grey background. I always work with the client to produce something they want.


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MK1 Phase 3 S

Along with the Odyssey Blue phase 1 above the same client ordered the print below.
These were both printed, posted and sent to France.


I have a real soft spot for the Mk1 so it was nice to replicate it.
I haven't had a request for a Valver or Williams yet but would be lovely to do one of those.


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Renault Sport Clio 182

This commission came in early last week and reached the customer on the weekend, who promptly framed it and had it up on the wall straight away....
thats probably the quickest turnaround yet, however there was no compromise on the quality or the process and I always make sure my customers/clients are happy with what they receive.



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Let me first start by saying that Neil is one the nicest blokes I've spoken to on here and his attention to detail is immense. He noticed stuff about my car that I completely forgot about!

I'll let the design do the talking, honestly, I'm chuffed to bits and cannot wait to get it up on the wall! Thanks again Neil

aaahhhh shucks... Thats very kind of you to say.
Glad you are happy with the print.


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  Sunflower Ph1
Neil fantastic work and really pleased. Straight up on the wall.

Great guy to deal with and very talented. Thank you again.

Fancy doing an Octavia Vrs next?


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Phase 1 172 and Mk1 Ph2 1.2

Ph1 172
Thank you for your very kind words @Paul172sport it was nice to work up another Sunflower.
I can customise each illustration so when Paul wanted to mark how special the sunflowers are with a title and number this was not a problem.


Mk1 Ph2 1.2
This was for an existing customer based in France and was to be a gift for his friend. The last prints went in a 'do not bend' envelope and the french postal service tried doing their based to bend it, this time it went in a tube and was perfect. Happy days.

I must admit I am not the biggest fan of all the grey backgrounds recently but I do work with my customers to produce something that they like/want.
Hopefully more colour will return soon.


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A quiet end to 2021 really. I was busy with other work and some personal things so 21ten kind of took a back seat.

2022 has started full on though with a really cool project. Some custom, large format prints for Chris at Beaniesport.
I have given a sneak peak on instagram and will reveal the prints here soon.

Please get in-touch if you fancy a print.


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172 Cup Hillclimb/sprint car

As previously mentioned it has been a busy start to 2022, I do have a post I missed from the tail end of 2021 though.
@jp_lcr 's lovely 172 Cup hillclimb/sprint car

View attachment 1579267 View attachment 1579268

James wanted to document some of his favourite tracks/sprints that the car has seen, super easy for me to do on a custom print.
Mega happy with it thanks again Neil, had loads of positive comments on it at work too as it's on my screen as well as print on wall.


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As well as the project for Beaniesport I have been working with someone else on the forum for something pretty cool.
Looking forward to revealing that shortly too.

I mentioned above that I was working on something pretty cool with someone from the forum...
I have been watching the 182 build that @FrogJam Motorsport have been putting together in the projects section for a while and then a couple of weeks ago they got in contact with me regarding the livery of the car.

We wanted to keep it simple so it can be wrapped by the guys, but interesting enough so it didn't just look like 'a car with stickers'. The name needed to be nice and large and the mandatory championship sponsor stickers had to work within the design (usually printed on white panels) rather than being an afterthought.

The livery design was created and the guys are going to set about wrapping it soon. As a thank you for inviting me to be involved the guys were shipped a print each.



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I previously mentioned I have been working on something with Renault Sport specialist, Beaniesport.
Chris at Beaniesport got in-touch wanting prints that covered the breadth of Renault Sport models he works on.

We worked through and agreed what cars he wanted to show on each print and then produced this 7 print suite.
The nice mix of colour brightens the new large workshop.

Screenshot 2022-03-21 at 10.44.40.png
Screenshot 2022-03-21 at 10.44.59.png

Screenshot 2022-03-21 at 10.46.11.png
Screenshot 2022-03-21 at 10.47.31.png

Screenshot 2022-03-21 at 10.49.04.png
Screenshot 2022-03-21 at 10.49.19.png

Screenshot 2022-03-21 at 10.49.44.png