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323i 25k, 2.8 quattro 30k.......

erm, were they trying? I can see the BMW failing but the quattro is one quick car in a straight line!

If they were then WELL DONE for a good set of scalps and lifting the Clio to the status of German car basher extrodinaire!

The quattro was definately trying. It was an old shape A4 with fancy wheels and a new bumper. Id say he was trying cos he tail gated me for ages before i booted it and left him for dead, then he came screaming up again and undertook me and three other cars. I waited till the other cars had pulled out of the way then went to do me a bit of audi bashing!

I caught him up on an uphill stretch and saw him boot it to try and pull away. So i sat on his bumper, with a surprising amount left to go, he kept checking his mirror and didnt seem to believe i was keeping up.