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36K service South Yorks plus extended warranty

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Evenin' all,

Living in great fear of having to replair/replace a Sachs damper, I'm looking at the 2 year warranty extension thorugh Renault. Has anyone else gone for it and had good or bad times as a result?

It's also the time for the evil 36k service. Any particularly good/bad experiences round South Yorks? I'm looking for service stamp for obvious reasons, but am not too fussed about having main dealer status.

Sorry if I asked this a while ago, something went screwy with my ID for a while.

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I am in your exact same position but my warranty ran out in July before i bought the car. Dont think i can do anything now. Gutted. I would be interested in knowing 36k servicing prices too if anyone knows.


ClioSport Club Member
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Think your looking at £300ish for the 36kservice at a independant.
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If i was you i would take it to RS Tuning in Leeds. You get the stamp in the book and from somebody who has a good reputation amoungst the Renault sport community.

Don't think it will be much.
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I paid for a Renault extended warranty , and i'm diue for a 36k in the next couple of months on the RB
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Thanks, I'll give the stealers a shot and RS too today.

If anyone has any good recommendations in Manc', my folks live over there, so I can always stretch to popping over there.