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3GS Cracked screen

Dropped the bugger about 10 times and got away with it, but the 11th drop did for it. Cracked the screen quite badly.

Where's the best place to get a replacement from and how much is the cost?

I have insurance, but have recently found out my excess is £150! :mad:
A screen being replaced costs less than £100 IIRC. My sister recently had to get her phone replaced after dropping it down the loo and also found out about the £150 excess. It's an utter rip off TBH.
You know, I actually did a search. iFail.

Cheers, Scutchio. Presume there are planty of online tutorials for doing it?
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You know, I actually did a search. iFail.

Cheers, Scutchio. Presume there are planty of online tutorials for doing it?

I did a search and couldn't find it, either. Had to manually find the f*cking thread.

Yeah there's plenty of tutorials if you're going to DIY. Basically, you get the tool kit with the screen you order (be it the cheap one, or a more expensive one - still cheaper than other options). You take the screen off and simply unclip all the little components, carefully. Then place the new screen along with the components back in place. I'd recommend going for the more expensive option of the two I listed, as it's a genuine part I believe, rather than a potentially poor screen of the cheaper version.

As said though, plenty of guides online, yes. I've had mine open about 12 times now for various things (external speaker replacement, camera not working, cracked screen).

You can actually get just a replacement screen for about £7, but it's a pain in the arse to put in, as you need to fuse the screen on and solder the components back in, whereas with a replacement screen assembly with components already installed, it's simply a case of unclipping and slotting in.
Tbh I wouldn't trust ebay screens some of them are so poorly fitting its unbelievable.
Just take it to the Apple Store and see what they say.
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who's that insurance with?

If it's home / bank insurance then that makes sense.

Mobile insurance usually has less shocking excesses, but then you pay for the cover, which may come to more than the excess you're looking at.

A new screen is IRO £170 and wont pull the pants down on your NCB's, so go for that


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i got one of ebay for 7 quid and fitted myself in about 30 mins. Its a piece of piss.