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3rd part insurance

does anyone know anywhere good for this?

the way i see it having had quotes im going to get raped for fully comp and lets face it anything that happens to my car is not going to go through my insurance as i cant afford even higher quotes.

having had a quote fully comp for 900 how come i only get 100 off for going thrid party?

well i bought it two years ago for 9500 but its done 60k now so by my thinking its only worth about 3.5k and thats what i put in the valuation bit,i always thought you would save about at least half by going third party?

may seem strange but third party fire and theft may be cheaper (was for me) and more companies do it,

its not your car they are bothered about, its what you can hit

ie your car isnt worth much in comparision to a ferarri parked at the side of the road

try limited miles?

yeah i no mate i understand that but i mean my car could still cost their a fair whack so i expect a fair whack off.well i tried for third party fire and theft and it came to something like 800 an then i checked for just thrid party and the difference was a pound,im not really bothered who its through