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4,000rpm rattle/buzzing....

Ive had this before in my 172 Mk1, and the dealers replaced the center silencer. went away.. now its back again after 20,000kms.. So speaking to the dealer, rather than replacing it again (cuz sounds like itll fail again), looking at having it replaced with a straight section of pipe. so goes cats->rear box.. Anyone else tried this.. How much louder is the exhaust etc?

Nota good idea - do you mean ur going to remove the cat and the rear box --back pressure will suffer and ull get a power loss at higher revs! Just twist the heat shielding away from anyhting metal and the cars undebody - mine done this for 3K miles and now its gone - must h ave melted all the metal I guess.

No No..... meant replacing the center silencer with a straight bit of pipe.. so the exhaust system goes cats->back box rather than cats->center silencer-?backbox