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Clio 172 P2 Cat & Exhaust help/recommendations/ideas

  Clio 172
The exhaust on my 172 P2 has got holes pretty much from the cat to the back box so needs replacing. I could do with thoughts on ideas on how i could achieve my desired outcome.

I don't want a loud exhaust, but do want a 2.5" or 3" tailpipe to fill the cut-out in the bumper. I've not got a wallet full of notes, so needing to keep costs down. So I was thinking:

- eBay Cat
- RenParts standard aftermarket Centre silencer
- Back box no idea

I'm conscious the cat and centre section may not last a particularly long time, I did consider a sports cat, but not sure if it will do well for MOT and assuming that it'll be louder than a cheap standard ebay item

All thoughts welcome and appreciated, is the above a good setup? Thoughts on backbox? Good alternative centre sections or entire cat back systems?