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4 cahnnel amps, can you make 3 channel

if you have a 1000w 4 channel amp can you run 2 channels at 250w and bridge the other 2 to make it 500w.

so you have 2 x 250w and 1 x 500w

Except you wont get the same power split across the two channels.

Youll probably end up with 2 x 220, 1 x 500 or there abouts depending on the amp.
  Polo + Micra

well it depends on the load

eg 4x180w @ 4 ohm
4x250w @ 2 ohm
2x500w @ 4 ohm

so if you say are running a set of 4 ohm comps and a 4 ohm sub you would get about 2x180w and 1x500w

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