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40 or 60

  Mk2 Clio
i need to lower my mk2 its way to high lol

most likey going to go 40, but not sure if this is low enough any 1 got pics there clios lowerd 40mm

any help would be great !


ClioSport Club Member
Approx 40mm on Eibach Sportlines:


  Mk2 Clio
wheels are 15's

i really wanna go 60 but worried because all the spped bumps
but from that pic, 40 looks good, but do kinda want more
just dont have the money for anything more than springs
  Mk2 Clio
think are go 40, just bidded on some springs, my mate can fit them so it just buying them atm, need 1s that cheap but good


ClioSport Club Member
I really recommend Sportlines..
Very good ride quality, big reduction in roll but not in the least bit harsh
  Mk2 Clio
yea im thinking of them, i need something thats jus cheap, im going more for the look than the ride, due to the fact the car only used for short distance driving, and for a day to day bassis rather than for long distance driving, or track days
  133, 182, Kangoo 182
f**k that s**t go 85 lol

na seriously if you cant afford to go for coilovers then i wouldnt consider anything less than 60mm
How much would you be looking at for coilovers on a 1.2? Would you be able to put them on a 172 too or are they different?
  Ph1 172 + Combo van
your lowering the car so may aswell do it properly and go atlerast 60mm. i have no problems with speedbumps for me just have to go a bit slower than before.