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406 Coupe brake callipers with 172/182 discs

Good evening all.

So I've got my little old mk2 1.6 Clio (pre rear disc model) and as I'm not really using it much now I felt maybe use it for the odd track day and upgrade it on a budget for occasional track use.

Power wise these are nippy little things anyway and despite me port matching and cleaning up the inlet and exhaust tracts while the head is off (which I don't think will do an awful lot for it on the stock cams and ECU in any case but worth a go as it's 'free!) I decided the best way to make it quicker is to upgrade the brakes... and tyres and maybe some Eibach springs with some kyb or the like gas dampers. One thing at a time though!

I'm not to fussed about shedding the 172 wheels in the garage just yet as good tyres are relatively easy to compare and source.

So out of everything on that jumbled list above I thought the brakes would be a good move for an upgrade for now. The standard brakes aren't the worst but I suspect a few hard dives on the pedal will see the pedal get longer and longer lap after lap.

So it is with interest I found that with a little swimming pad and calliper wise that the Brembo 4 pots from a 406 V6 Coupe are a bolt on fitment and have been fitted by a few others in the past.

The only thing is I'm on a tight budget here and the going price for the callipers used is usually well over 500 notes. But I've also found out that the lesser Coupe models came with 280mm discs and regular sliding single piston callipers albeit with pistons around 9mm bigger in diameter which may require a bigger master cylinder though I can't think that in reality it would. The 4 pots from what I read do but the extra capacity of them will be far more than the slightly bigger single pot items.

So after all that waffle, my intention is to fit 280mm high carbon brake discs with the Peugeot single pots. The callipers I need are in themselves extremely cheap to buy as I believe they also appeared on some other 406s like the diesel estates.

This is of course assuming someone doesn't already do a spacer bracket to fit the 182 callipers to the non RS uprights!

Has anyone else done such a budget upgrade on their non RS Mk2 in the past maybe?!



ClioSport Club Member
Same calipers as r5gtt on non sport models iirc. Set of good pads ds1.11 and good fluid prob be ample for the power and lighter than the larger setup


ClioSport Club Member
As a above, standard setup is fine, the old 406/MK1 frs/fiat coupe turbo calipers weren't actually that great and are not as light as the 197 style ones. They do however just bolt straight onto your hub which is nice lol