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40mm or 60mm????

  Slooooow Ass 1.2
Hi Guys,

Wanting to lower my car but I'm not sure whether to drop it 40mm or 60mm. I want it to look agressive but also be able to get over the speed bumps which have been littered around my area. Also not wanting any rubbing, full lock maybe not so worried but just had some new 195/50/15 tyres put my standard Dynamique wheels.

Any comments and help appreciated.
Thanks, Luke
  A Flamin' Red one
I'd say 60mm. I've read countless posts in various threads from people who wish they had gone more than 40mm...
  renault clio 1.4 si 2000
hey mate, had mine at 60mm on standard dynamique 15's and 17's, it rubs on full lock on the 15's and scraped a few big speed bumps, plus you'll never mount a kerb again. on the 17's it didn't make full lock, plus with 5 ppl it scrapes whatever lol, and i broke my cat on a speed bump :( that's all with no arches! looks bloody ace tho, check my project thread. on eibach sportlines now, around 40-50mm, no rubbing, no problems. :D
  Slooooow Ass 1.2
Wicked thanks for the advice guys.

Thinking of Dropping it 60mm on Apex suspension, what experience people had with Apex Kits?
  renault clio 1.4 si 2000
apex seem to have a generally good rep on here, tho not as good as the eibach stuff. i'd say deffo go for it over something cheap like g-max or pi, if you don't have the money to do it right, just don't do it. you'll only regret it!