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  Clio v6

I took car to deaers to check out an annoying squeeking/rattle when I apply full lock doing a U turn. This has been bugging me for a while . So I arranged for them to take me to a nice big empty car park and let the fitter hear exactly what is going on.

Did he hear it? No he feckin didnt.

Did it rattle? No it feckin didnt

I looked a right wally.

He said he couldnt really hear anything above the very annoying rattle behind the door card/trim.

That was the very rattle they had worked on for 2 days to cure, and reported " No rattle/fault found "

Cars eh?:)

Yep same here, my dealer says Reanult know of this problem and recomend putting some rubber disks on the top of the suspension mounts?

Mine still bangs though, so back its going!