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5th Gear


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I think that Clios are not the flavour of the month right now.

There is more emphasis placed on the Focus and the Civic Type R!

Soon it will be the new VW Golf!

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did anyone think the cars where all in different leagues and price ranges for one group test you cant put turbos and superchargers up against non turbos:(
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Know what you mean mate 3 of the 6 cars where forced induction so how can they compare them all in terms of power ?

And come on the MG ZR thingy is just a kitted up Rover 25 !

We were talking about this last night at home and felt the same - how can you compare a car costing £12995 with one costing £19995, £7000 more expensive! It really annoys me - and like said above, it would have been nice to at least get a time comparison.

If you add £7000 of mods to the cup it will sure as hell massacre the focus, or if you choose to compare the Focus with a car such as an Evo (not much more than £7k more expensive) then it will get its arse caned too, they are simply not valid comparisons. :mad:

I taped the program to see what they said about the Clio Cup as i am picking mine up this Saturday.

Takes the piss when Tiff said that it did not come with anything like ABS etc, but thats the point of the car. Then he said that the Civic is a real car as it is a non turbo, then he says how good the Focus turbo engine is, in the same sentance

Watching all the car prorams overthe weekend all i have sean is that Focus RS.

Quote: Originally posted by geordiepaul on 29 October 2002

So what was on then? The Cup, Focus, and the Bread Van????
...which doesnt have AirCon as standard, which was incidentally not mentioned on the program, despite Tiff pointing out that the Cup doesnt have it.... :mad:
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So what happend?

The focus couldnt drive in a straight line
The Bread van lost it on the bends
The cup drive was all hot and bothered!!!
Hows that?

I emailed 5th gear about the times for ALL the cars, their reply was...

I hope you enjoyed the item. As mentioned in the item we have lap times for Honda, Ford and Seat. The Ford was quickest (54.6), followed by the Honda (54.9), followed by the Seat (56.0).

Many thanks,

Phil Churchward.


  Shiny red R32

Personally I think that all of the presenters on motoring programmes are not keen on Clios, apart from Vikki Butler-Henderson!


  Shiny red R32

There are so many crooked people about that it wouldnt surprise me if Ford havent paid out a lot of money somewhere to make sure that the Focus gets a huge amount of publicity!

i like the way Tiff dismissed the Cup on the grounds of not having ABS, then proceeded to thrash the other cars round a racetrack. I can count the number of race cars with ABS on the fingers of one foot.

My impression of the CTR wasnt chuckable either.

What a complete waste of time that item was! I am a Cup 172 owner and would have loved to see it perform !

Needle made such a point of the clios 0-60 time compared with the civic but its only 0.3 of sec slower and costs 5,000 less emm I wonder what id go for and I have a 172 cup!

And civicc look like boxs!

I beieve there a good articles in Autoexpress and autocar and evo!

And Clarkson gave a good review of the cup in the Times or Guardian!

Needle is a burnt out wannabe!

And the Focus well, ColinMcrae has left Ford so he cant rate them, and hes gone to a French team, all be it not Renault!