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6000 rpm in 5th - 16v *pic*


its so cool, how did you do it, did u just replace the bulbs to the temp thingy to blue ones, last week my valva performed simalarly but there was more and my zorst is blowing a bit, me thinks theres a hole.
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

My temp thing dont even light up, thinking of having the dash out to have a look later today, love the blue might have to swap bulbs. Is that what you did?
  H22A7 Accord Type R

well......i dont know what is relevant......but ive got a new spec 1.2 16 valve does 120 @ 6000 rpm.........

So does my left boot if dropped off a cliff with a spinner on it...

how long does it take to get there ??.

Often a party is great fun, unless you turn up after its finished... lol...

then you just get arrested for loitering.............
  BMW 320d Sport

Yeah wasnt that Edddd at the Ring?

Dunno what Ive had really Aaron, one problem is that on 18s and a Williams gearbox my speedo is out anyway, it always reads lower than the actual speed. Ive seen 137 on the clock, add quite a bit for the wheels etc, take off quite a bit for speedo error (common sense would suggest it reads high rather than low) and 135-140 sounds about right. Unfortunately I did that cos I was in a big hurry and didnt really have time to get a picture! Of course I was only in a hurry to get from one end of the airfield to the other.

I do seem to remember that mine when it was the standard box and 15s, used to do about the same kind of thing, 120 at 6 grand ie 20mph per 1000rpm in 5th. So taking it up to 7000 would net you a tasty 140, and with a chipped higher limit where you could take it to 7500 and not be in danger of bouncing off the limiter, youd be looking at the ton and a half.

Only problem is that in practice, the 16v really slows down at 125-130 in my experience and it takes forever to get any more speed once you get over 130, due to drag. Try a downhill run mate, see if you can do 150!
  BMW 320d Sport

oh BTW Aaron, I hear that stretch of 4 lane A1 just between Huntingdon and Peterborough is a nice bit of top speed track when its empty at night.
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

Dronfield bypass round my area is the ultimate for getting top speed. About 10 miles then the last 4miles downhill and you can see the end while ur at the top.

Think Forest172 managed a bit over !45 in his 172 on there!
  H22A7 Accord Type R done it wi 3 ppl in for how long to get there..........just a bit on the motorway on a slight downhill.........and i do believe the first post here is about speed @ 120mph @6000rpm still stands wether it does it on a rollin road or on a patch of ice in my drive ?! as for 120mph being a bit of a poxy often do any others drive above it i wonder?! Rob ;)

Weve seen many many posts about top speeds and speedo accuracy. Basically, if youve got a 1.2 that says its doing 120, its really doing under 110mph. If you look at an Autocar test, itll confirm that - and when youre actually doing 60 itll say 65.

This is the same (though to a lesser degree) with cars like Volvos and Mercs. Its to cover the manufacturers arses. Imagine you were pulled for doing 75, but your speedo said it was 70mph - on a factory standard car. Doesnt happen. And the speedo over-reading is why.

The Clio 16v speedo is also a little inaccurate, though less so as I undertand it. So when it says 130mph itll be more like 125ish. Thats why you get people saying theyve had 140 on the clock - theyre not telling porkies, as thats what the speedo says. But in reality it wont be off the book top speed of 130mph.
  H22A7 Accord Type R

yeah i agree wi the accuracy things.............hear it all the time.............the speedo still makes us drivers fel proud tho............and gives us something to talk about in the pub lol. My mate wi a 2002 saxo vtr wi piper x viper and full magnex had it at 142 on the limiter in 5th.............wont really be that fast.........but id be laughing if my speedo said that! :D