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63 Plate , 1.2 Dynamique , MediaNav .......... Central Locking Problem!

Hi all . . . . .
I'd be very grateful for some advice if anyone can help?!
Daughter's only had the car a week & everything was fine . Everything worked as it should do off the key card(s) buttons & it locked as key card moved away from vehicle.
Central Locking has now packed up in 'UNLOCKED' mode. It won't lock from either key card or C/L button on dash . (Boot Lid remains locked & won't unlock).
Car must be receiving a signal from keycard(s) as interior light can be switched on & off from it/them (Same symptoms with both keycards) & also i can hear a click from behind dash as i press buttons on keycard ! Rightly or wrongly i've assumed the 'Clicking' is a relay working as it should be ?? Could the fault be down to the C/L Module ??
I've checked fuses 11 & 32 & they're both intact .
Many Thanks !!
generally they will start fine, but electrical gremlins happen long before it gets to the point there isn't enough juice to start the engine, worth a check
I shall get it checked thanks Martin . . . . . TBH the battery doesn't look that 'Recent' .