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!72 1/4 mile

Hi Nick,

When i was at Stratford i saw an old freind of mine who was running a 172. He ran consistant 15.8s-16.0 all day. It was pretty well run in and was completely standard.



clio cup brochure says 14.8 for standing quarter so 15 deads prolly about right for a std 172. it says 27.2 for 1000m but wed prolly have passed out from heat exhaustion by then having no air con or headlamp washers to cool us down!

I knew I read it somewhere, probably on my brochures not in a magazine, not a bad figure to start with is it really, especially when most of the figures I have seen for the standard 172 from Renault tend to get bettered in mag testing I can only imagine the Cup to do the same. It mixes quite well with some much better cars
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lol PUGBOY!! Well just have to open the competition lightweight windows for some cold air!! My first mods gonna be to fit 172 headlamp washers as I dont fancy the thought of them getting dirty.....
  Mk1 V6 Import

No I think Im gonna fit mini cooper s lamps and a BMW 7 series interior - just for all those luxuries and comforts!!!!!!
  172 & LCR

I ran 15.7 last time out at York Mk2 172 with 4k on clock Im at york this sunday will get back to you again hopefully with a better time.
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Steve, if you can find Renault data anywhere that says their factory 1/4 mile time for a 16v Ill be well pleased mate. Ive been trying to wrangle this kind of thing out of them for years mate!
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I am amazed by the fascination with 1/4mi, and 0-50 times here. Surely these cars are more suited to a road course.

How many of you get out on the track now and then as opposed to the drag strip.

I dont mean to disparage drag racers, but just wonder if you ever test anything other than the acceleration of your cars...
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Good point Eddd, but a days 1/4 miling costs £20. A track day is a lot more.

Also the only true figure that will shut people up in a my cars faster than yours is a 1/4 mile timing slip. Rolling roads bhp figures, lap times etc mean nothing compared to a slip!

Hi Nick dood..

I must agree with you here.. not that its a rarity lol ...

Its a great test, if not the best, of straight line acceleration - which is what a lot of new petrol heads are unaware of... ....

You just cannot beat the timing slip.. !

soon we will have a back to back with the turbo jobby n the Nos... will be entertaining m8 ! ( I is only aiming for 285 bhp @ 6700 and 260 foot / Lbs at 2000 rpm....


OK, ran 15.2 with a passenger, with only 1200 mile son the clock, hoping next time, with a good start, to dip into the 14s!
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nick mate iv run against 5 of them all pulling around the 15.1-5 mark the only exception is the mk2 one with the viper n chip n zorst wich runs a tad quicker than my williams (which is standard) and that runs 14.8-9s fairly consistantly ..........
as for the valver id say about 16.3-5 is about an average time for a standard one
and the willy shud run about 15.3 as standard
hope this helps

Well I was at Crail today and was running constant < 15.1s, the best run of the day was 15.08, this was despite the fact I missed 4th and coasted over the line! So I know for a fact now a bog standard MK2 is capable of a 1/4 mile in the high 14s!