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99p Decat.... What gaskets do I need?

  BMW E46 330i Touring
I think some ph1's were the same as ph2's, some weren't. Still, if it doesn't fit you can certainly clean it up and sell on for a tidy profit!
pretty sure that the single and dual cat 172Ph1 cars had the same overall pipe length??

That is an outrageous bargain.

You need the fitting kit for the upstream end and there is a gasket for the downstream. I covered my gasket in exhaust paste both sides and it's sealed a treat.

Prepare to bleed BTW, getting the 172 cat off is annoying because of the way it sits above the subframe. Read my guide if you want to fit a 182 manifold for more (small) performance gain
  clio 172 ph1
I have a dual cat. Will certianly be able to make a tidy profit if it doesnt fit.

Anyone got a ramp I can borrow in the leicestershire area?