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a few of my pics from brands (nvg tho)

Maz said:
Were you the one who took the grass route ;)

Couple of pics of me there Ian, I think :D

would that be here :) i saw you lol.


That was Northy trying to keep up with me :evil:

It was Clio Cup racing revival for most of the day!


  LY 200
pmsl didn't realise Northy came off too .. bloody nutters, glad I managed to keep out of you lots way !!
  FULL FAT 182
did any one get any fotage of me on the track?
also i would be a laugh to see me go out on the grass lol
  Black 172 MK2
what is it with red clio drivers all wanting to park togeather all the time!!! the the meets and track days etc you see a massive swarm of red clios lol