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a few pics of my monaco ph2

  04 Monaco Blue 172
had the car about 6 weeks now and its got a set of springs on it and a skoda splitter :)

not looking to do much else, maybe a v6 spoiler at some point and a wheel refurb/front bumper respray :)


  Clio 172 Pug gti180
I may seem realy stupid here but what skoda splitter isit and can i go and buy it from them?
  pimp mobile Zafira
Looks nice mate. I like the plans keeping in nice and simple. Are the splitters still about £12? I need I replace my snapped one.
  04 Monaco Blue 172
Looks lovely mate!

Quick question how did you mount the splitter? Cos I wanna get one

self tapping screws,

i drilled pilot holes in the splitter, and my dad held the splitter to the understide of the bumper while i drilled through the pilots and into the bumper

i then tapped the holes through, easy