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A little spruce

  Clio Expression 1.2 16V






About an hour and a half this afternoon cleaning.. getting ready to be put up for sale. It's an Expression with Dynamique alloys, 64,000 miles, main dealer service history, 6month tax, 12month MOT, what do you think I should be asking?
  RB 182
Not sure on price of that. Prob worth looking on parkers guide or autotrader website to see what similar models are going for. Looks tidy though so at the right price you shouldn't have any probs shifting it. Whats next for you?
  Clio Expression 1.2 16V
Thanks for the positive comments, was thinking around £2,000
As for whats next I'm not to sure... maybe a C2 VTR ;)
  Suzuki Ignis Sport
Very clean and looks mint!!!

Interior is yucky tho! lol =)

I'd say about £2k to be honest....