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A minter in the making...

Just to re-cap: some bugly builders dropped loads of crap all over my car, making loads of small dents all over. Well, Ive just spent this week chatting to body shops and sprayers to find the best people in Bristol to do my car - and the result is that my 16v will be going in next week and emerging some time just before Christmas! I wont bore you with all that is being done, but lets just say its going to be minter than a mountain of Polos! ;) Its going to be the perfect opportunity to recondition my "new" original Speedline wheels.

Ive started to strip my car down today. Im having to take off all those bits like fogs, the splitter, spoiler, side-strips, mirrors, inner door trim, glass and so on! Thank God for the Haynes manual!

Sorry to disappoint, but no...:(. I decided to take the other option that I was considering that day we were at Brands.

Hello all

Lofty: its going to Cousins on Hampton Road. I used to live two doors down and would see them at work almost every day! I used to watch one wreck of a car after another come out of there looking as perfect as can be, so its a good place - not the cheapest though. :( I had some work done by them a while ago on my old Clio after someone slammed into me and that was pefect.

Mat: no lines, I promise! Am taking out the glass and rubbers as we speak!